Does sleeping on one side affect beard growth: what can you do?

Some men cannot imagine themselves without a beard, so they try to make maximum effort to grow it, using beard oil and natural moisturizers. As you know, sleep has a direct impact on all body functions. And the question arises, does sleeping on one side affect beard growth? More about this will be discussed in this article.

Effects of sleeping on one side on beard growth and appearance

If you are wondering, does sleeping on one side affect beard growth, you need to understand that the impact will be very significant. Every man who grows a beard and head hair notices that it looks completely different in the morning. This can happen for various reasons.

Often people notice that one side of the facial hair is a little flattened in the morning, or the hair on one side breaks completely. You may also notice a buildup of static electricity.

Restriction of proper blood flow

Scientists believe that due to constant sleep on one side, the beard will not receive enough nutrients. This is because close contact of the face with the pillow restricts blood flow. It should also be noted that one side of your face receives less oxygen because the pillow blocks the right blood flow.

It must be understood that such a statement has a minor caveat. If you sleep well at night, then this effect with bad blood flow will be observed in small quantities.

Therefore, you will not notice any significant effect on beard growth.

You mustn’t experience any tingling or numbness on one side of your face when you wake up. If you do not experience such sensations, then everything is fine, and your beard does not deteriorate. If these effects are observed, it means that the pillow does not properly support the head during sleep and restricts blood flow.

Therefore, the weight on the head is distributed unevenly, due to which the quality of the beard is reduced. Therefore, choosing the right accessories for sleeping, including a pillow, is extremely important for the best blood flow and a beautiful beard.

How sleeping on one side of the face affect beard growth: breaking hair on one side

Quite often, people notice that hair grows very slowly on one side of the face. This is explained simply – the beard hairs break off if you prefer to sleep on only one side. When you actively roll over while you sleep, the base of your hair begins to twist and turn.

The middle of the hair may break off. During twisting, strong pressure is applied to the hair. Because of this, the structure of keratin begins to collapse, so the hair will die or fall out. You can often see an increase in the effect if you prefer to go to bed after bathing when you have wet hair.

Wet hair is more susceptible to damage because it is in a weakened state. There is a migration of oxen in the bonds that hold the hair together. Because of this, the structure of the protein begins to collapse, especially if a mechanical effect is observed.

Flattening hair on one side

If you prefer to sleep on only one side of your face, this part of your beard is flattened out. Therefore, visually it may seem that the hair on the beard has different lengths.

Frequently, coarse hair grows on the face, which has a curly structure.

It will take a lot of time and effort to make it even after that and direct growth down. It may seem to many that due to sleeping on one side, beard growth is uneven. However, this is only a visual illusion. You also need to be aware of the friction of the hair on the surface of the pillow, which creates static electricity.

Accumulation of static electricity

While sleeping, you are known to make direct contact with the surface of the pillow, creating additional friction. If the pillowcase is made of synthetic material, then a large amount of static electricity accumulates. Therefore, in the morning, the hair looks long and soft.

Synthetics have a worse effect on the quality of the beard. That is why it is better to choose pillowcases for sleeping that are made of satin or silk. This reduces the buildup of static electricity. Thanks to this, in the morning the beard looks thicker.

If you don’t have the opportunity to buy a high-quality pillowcase, you can sleep on a regular synthetic one. To correct static electricity, it is recommended to take a shower and dry your hair a little with a hair dryer.

Wrinkling of the skin

During sleep, it is quite difficult for people to control their movements. When you lie down on a pillow, you may squeeze too hard into it. However, not everyone is aware of this. Such a phenomenon does not harm a person. However, it can provoke the appearance of additional wrinkles.

Because of this, hair follicles begin to move worse. The hair follicle can overlap. During sleep, the hair grows very slowly, which negatively affects its appearance. However, it is quite difficult to notice the difference in length visually.

For several years, scientists have been able to prove that sleep contributes to the appearance of new wrinkles. However, they managed to create safe and correct pillows that contribute to the correct distribution of pressure on the face. Because of this, the number of wrinkles is reduced, and the hair grows much better.

How sleeping on one side of the face affect beard growth: hair loss

As already mentioned, during sleep, people do not tend to control their movements and human body position. Therefore, you may pull out a few beard hairs every night. In particular, this is a great risk for people who have a fairly long beard.

During active movement in a dream, you run the risk of catching hair with your hands. As soon as you make a sharp jerk with your head, the hairs held by your hand are torn out.

If you prefer to sleep on one side, then it is one side that suffers the most.

Even if you don’t pull out your hair when you move your head, the hair is damaged. Even if the hair follicles remain intact, you can break the skin around them. Due to damage, the skin will not nourish the hair follicle with the necessary nutrients, so it is damaged and fall out from weakening.

The appearance of ulcers on the skin

Scientists recently conducted research and proved that it is extremely important to roll over during sleep. This prevents negative effects on the human body. Particular attention was paid to how constant lying on one side provokes bedsores.

In the lower part of the body, where the pressure between the skin and the bed is quite high, ulcers can form. The correct position of the body on the bed contributes to the change in weight, which is applied to a certain place. It should be noted that the head is very heavy.

If it remains in one position for a long time, the skin under the beard can be damaged. Because of this, beard growth will decrease.

Protecting your beard while you sleep

It is extremely significant to protect your beard while you sleep if you plan to grow it thick and healthy. There are a few simple and economical rules that help prevent mechanical stress.

Don’t sleep with a wet beard hair

As already mentioned, the wet beard hair becomes weak. As you know, in a dry state, the hair is quite strong, and one strand can withstand a load of up to 100 g of weight. Density is provided by a three-layer structure. Due to the content of keratin inside, hair practically cannot differ in density from nails.

Considering that the main component of hair is keratin, which is covered by the cuticle, water can easily penetrate under the cuticle and destroy the keratin molecules. Due to the breaking of bonds, the hair is damaged faster. When the hair begins to stretch during sleep, from friction against the pillow, it begins to be damaged.

The use of special dressings – beard wrap

If you cannot deny yourself the pleasure of sleeping on your stomach and beard tie, you can use special bandages. In recent years, such accessories have become in great demand among men who prefer to wear a beard. With this beard wrap, you can effectively protect your hair from damage.

In the manufacture of such dressings, satin and silk are used. The materials are quite soft, so they slide over the surface of the hair without forming any creases. You can tie a bandage around your head, imitating a bandana. Be prepared that at first, you experience slight discomfort.

After all, sleeping in a beard wrap is more difficult than without it. However, in the future, you get used to it and everything is back to normal. Try to approach the issue of choosing a bandage correctly. Make sure it makes you feel good, not uncomfortable.

Sleep on your back

It is essential to learn how to sleep on your back. Such postures help prevent the negative impact on the beard.

If you’re not in the habit of sleeping on your back, there are a few secret techniques you can try to help you achieve this.

The easiest way is to lay out two pillows on both sides of the head. This fixes your head in a certain position so that you cannot move. Quality pillows should be of medium height and softness. If you select high specimens, your neck is in an uncomfortable position, and you experience severe discomfort.

Use of silk pillowcases

If you are not ready to give up the habit of sleeping on your side, you can purchase quality silk pillows for yourself. It reduces the friction that occurs during turns. Due to the minimization of friction, the hair will not break and fall out. Silk pillowcases will be useful not only for hair but also for the skin.

Silk textiles won’t wipe off the oils you put on your beard before bed. Therefore, the products are better absorbed, and the quality of the hair improves several times. This way you won’t stain your bed. If the plan didn’t include buying a custom silk pillowcase, there are other alternatives.

You can put an inexpensive scarf made of silk on top of the pillow. Try to fix it so that it does not slip during the night. To do this, you can use special clips on the back. This is the most affordable and effective method to reduce damage to the beard.


Often men who wear a beard wonder about proper sleep.

Does sleeping on one side stunt beard growth?

If you sleep on one side, then beard growth will slow down. This is due to the blockage of blood flow.

Does the way you sleep affect beard growth?

Sleep helps improve overall health. Therefore, you can notice a positive effect on the beard tie. When a person sleeps, testosterone begins to be released. If you don’t get enough sleep, beard hair growth will slow down, or your hair may start to fall out due to stress.

Why does my beard grow faster on one side?

If you notice a similar effect, then you sleep on one side most of the time. Hair begins to look in different directions, because of which the length will seem different.


As you can see, the quality of sleep has an extremely important effect on beard growth. You should sleep at least 8 hours a night and prefer sleeping on your back. This allows you to grow a beautiful beard.

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