Does beard oil expire and how to make it last longer?

When you look after your appearance and facial hair, you can purchase beard oil or other beard products, like beard shampoo and beard balms, and apply them to the beard to make it look normal and beautiful. Unfortunately, you should not use the beard oil for a long time, since beard oil can expire. So, the answer to “Does beard oil expire?” is yes.

And if you apply on the face and expired beard balm, you are willing to face certain consequences.

If you desire to find out the ways to define that the oil is out of date and to make the lifetime of the usual oil for a beard long, then read this article.

does beard oil expire
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The lifespan of several kinds of beard oils

Let’s discover the beard oil shelf life on a few examples, so you can be aware of the approximate period that you can use the oil and define when it is the moment to not use these beard products on the facial hair. There are a few types of oil with natural ingredients.

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Carrier oils

Natural pressed carrier oils are a big group of beard oils, like coconut oil. These carrier oils have several features: it has a good influence on the beard, they nourish the skin, and contain vitamin E oil. This is the reason why this kind of oil is so useful.

The carrier oils include several kinds of oils.

Argan oil is one of the most popular. The argan oil’s usual shelf life is about two years.

Jojoba oil has a different life span: jojoba oil is up to three years, the same as beard butter.

Grapeseed oil is up to two years.

Coconut beard oil expires in two years.

And the sweet almond oil can be used for two years.

Now you can notice, that most of the carrier oils have a life span of two years. So, you may not bother yourself with purchasing new oil quickly.

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Essential oils

These beard products are the second group of oils with natural ingredients. The essential oils and the components, for instance, the beard butters, are a little bit more difficult to discover. You can not discover information on the shelf life of many ingredients of essential oils, like tea tree oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, sandalwood oil, peppermint oil, cedarwood oil, and eucalyptus oil. 

What is possible to find out is the lifetime of the beard butter ingredient and beeswax ingredient which is three years for each.

There is no problem if you do not know the lifetime of some ingredients, like shea butter. Fortunately, there are methods to determine that the beard balm that you use is out of date. With this method, there is going to be no problem in getting rid of the beard oils at the correct moment.

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Expired beard oil: how to determine it?

Does beard oil expire? Yes, it does, as you can conclude. The key thing is the ways to determine it.

As it said, here are several signs to define that beard oil is out of date, no matter which kind of oil you are applying. Do not forget that most beard oils expire in two years. When the lifetime is over, you are going to feel the difference in the beard balm. Let’s discover what are the differences.

The color 

The crucial cause of beard oils expiring fast is oxidation. The influence of oxygen makes a big difference in the oil for the beard. And one of the indicators is the color of the beard oil. When you get beard oil for the long term, you should be careful and attentive in case of its appearance. When you see that the color is not the same, you definitely should stop applying the oil on the face and purchase a new beard balm.

The actual color is yellow, and when the beard oil can not be used it turns brown, or with black spots.

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The smell

A different mark that requires attention when you get beard oil for a certain term, is the smell. The smell of beard oil is very distinguishable, it is possible to memorize it. When the smell is lightly changed, for example, it becomes a little sour, this is the mark that it is the moment to replace the oil.

The irritation

When you apply the oil on the face, the beard becomes softer and the skin becomes smoother.

But when the beard balm is out of its lifetime, it all can be replaced with skin irritation.

The irritation of the skin is a quite negative sign of the expired oil. It is the result of the oxidation as well, since when the oxidation develops, several ingredients of the oil fall apart into another compound in the result. And the features of the oil start changing.

The more you use the expired oil that produces irritation, the worse the influence of the beard oil on the skin.

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The texture

The texture of the expired oil is much different from the original texture. The original oil must feel oily, smooth, and pliable.

It becomes thick and sticky, or more watery than it was. You may notice this and feel it when you take a look at the oil or apply it to the skin.

How to make the oil for facial hair last long?

Now it is important to discover the ways of keeping the oil to make be useful for a long period. The following methods can be applied to almost all kinds of oil. You should read it carefully and try to follow these techniques for your oils. 

The main thing of keeping the oils is getting them away from sunlight, heat, and oxygen. Here you will know why proper storage is so important. 


The main problem of the lifetime of a beard product is oxygen. Mostly, it is exactly the oxidation that changes the oil. So, that is why you need to protect the oil from the influence of oxygen. 

To protect it from oxidation, you have to close the bottle with the oil firmly every time and make certain that nothing goes into it.

With this simple rule, you are not going to have problems with oxygen obtaining access to the oil.

A second rule for keeping the oil is not using it in the bathroom where are a high concentration of water in the air. If you apply the oil in the bathroom, it may keep to the excess water and therefore oxygen. In this case, the risk of oxidation is even higher. So, you definitely should put the oil in another space.

The other piece of advice is to get the small bottles for the oil. The smaller the bottle, the harder it is to get into it for oxygen and the less space oxygen has in the bottle.

Now you are aware of how to protect the oil from oxygen and maintain its shelf life. Do not forget this knowledge. 

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Sunlight is quite a danger to beard oil, since when direct sunlight hits the oil, the chemical compound of the oil can be seriously changed. The ingredients simply degrade quickly. This change has no good consequences. The oil is going to expire faster. 

So, you get to store the oil away from direct sunlight and put the bottle in dark places. Another thing that can help protect the bottle of beard oil from it is a glass bottle that is tinted. 


Heat can make the lifetime of the beard oil bottles much shorter. Generally, the nature of the components of the beard oil dictates to storage of beard oil in a cool room. So, to protect it from the heat, you should place it in a dark place with a cool temperature, so avoid keeping it in the bathroom. And do not put the oil for the beard by the windows. 

Surely, these simple rules are going to help you to save the oils for the long term. 

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Consequences of using expired beard oil

If you continue applying natural oils or other beard products on the face, when the expiration date is reached, you can face certain consequences, unfortunately.

It is not very serious but it is still something to avoid, not maintain.

If you use oil that is out of date, you are going to suffer from burning skin underneath the beard as well as from irritation. The skin will not be hydrated enough. By the way, there can be an allergic reaction, since due to the oxidation, the changes in the chemical compound occur and other chemical compounds can be made. And you may be allergic to them. 

The beard may look bad since the oil is out of date, and there are no useful compounds that maintain the health of the beard. 

That is why it is highly not recommended to hold old beard oil. It is better to get rid of the old oil and purchase new beard oil.

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In conclusion, the shelf life of the oil may be long

The life span of beard oil and other beard products can differ. Several of them can not be used after two years, and another expires in three years, like beard butter. But if you store beard oil in an inappropriate spot, the life span can be shorter.

So, if you get the beard oil away from sunlight, heat, and oxygen, then you are going to get the most out of this beard product and will not face bad consequences. Take care of the facial hair properly to grow a long beard. Surely, it is going to be better if you follow the rules above. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you know if beard oil is expired?

There are a few features that can define that the expiration date is reached. The changing of the color and the smell is the first feature that tells you of expired beard oil. A different thing is the change in the structure.

The expired beard oil can be sticky. And another mark of the expired beard oil is the irritation. When you see any of the signs, you should throw the oil away. You must understand that the expiration date is reached.

Is it OK to use expired beard oil?

No, it is better to not apply the expired oil beard on the face. The expired beard oil loses all the advantages. The skin may be very irritated and you may suffer from burning skin underneath the beard. And if you apply the expired oil on the face, you can forget about hydrating the skin with it.

And, of course, the beard will not look good and you will not be able to maintain the health of the beard if you get the expired beard oil.

How long does a beard oil last?

Different oils have different life span. The minimum shelf life is six months, this is how a usual beard oil last. The maximum life span can differ. Most of the oils last for two years. For example, this is true for coconut oil, grapeseed oil, sweet almond oil, argan oil, and others. It should be mentioned that the jojoba oil has a shelf life of three years. 

Should beard oil be refrigerated?

The cold place can be appropriate for the oil, but storing it in the refrigerator won’t do any damage.

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