What does beard oil do: best choices for your facial hair

In recent years, the popularity of beards has increased. Therefore, more and more men grow facial hair. The main step in beard care is the use of oil. And the logical question arises, what does beard oil do?

What does beard oil do: best choices for your facial hair
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The action of beard oil

If you wonder what does beard oil do, then you should know that the tool is multifunctional. It does many things:

  • Beard softening

If you try to figure out what does beard oil do, then you should know that beard oil softens dry facial hair. The composition includes argan oil, jojoba oil, and almond oil. Together, these components help to make the beard soft, thick, and attractive to look at.

  • Reducing dandruff

The components of beard oil help prevent the formation of dandruff. This is because the protection of the natural fat of the skin of the face is enhanced. The skin under the beard will dry less, which prevents dandruff. Dry skin is not only unpleasant to feel, but also looks ugly.

  • Relief from itching

As you know, men often suffer from the fact that the beard itch. The main reason for this phenomenon is skin irritation. The skin beneath will dry. Dry skin underneath is always unpleasant.

If you apply beard oil after washing, you can retain moisture in the skin. Immediately notice that you do not feel the beard itch. You will become the owner of a healthy beard.

  • Attractiveness

If you add beard oil, you can make it attractive. Hair will acquire shine and silkiness, and hair follicles will begin to work more actively. Therefore, you notice the difference between a regular beard and one that has been treated with oil.

  • Keeping fresh and clean

The use of beard oils helps to maintain the freshness of facial hair. For these purposes, beard oil is used, the main components of which are mint, patchouli, or sandalwood oil. Together, these essential oils help fight bacteria, fungi, and germs.

  • Pleasant aroma

If you wonder what beard oil does, then you should know that it helps to give your beard an attractive scent. It is believed to help improve mood.

For many men, a pleasant aroma must emanate from them.

You can find different varieties of beard oils on the market that will differ in flavor. It all depends on what notes are in the base, top, and heart of the composition. Focus on your preferences.

  • Improved beard growth rate

Many men find that regular use of beard oil will help speed up the rate of facial beard growth. However, there is no scientific evidence for this phenomenon. Therefore, one should not mistakenly believe that beard growth oils will give quick and visible results.

The importance of the ratio of components

Most of the time, people try to read the label of oil and beard balm carefully to learn the ingredients. All companies that supply beard oils to the market are required to write all the beard oil ingredients on the label.

At the same time, they adhere to a clear rule for specifying components. First, the components in the highest concentration are written. In the end, components are indicated that are added in small quantities. Try to choose oils based on argan oil or jojoba oil. They must be listed first.

Base oils are more effective than essential oils. If you read the label and see argan oil near the essential oils, then it is a small amount. And it is better to refuse the purchase.

It is impossible to have carrier oils first, followed by active ingredients. Choose carrier oil from trusted manufacturers. They try to develop formulations in advance, using components in high dosages. It does not matter at all how expensive substances are used.

If the quality of oils is below the third position, the product will not be concentrated. Therefore, its usefulness is questionable.

Reasons to use high-quality beard oil for hair growth

Regardless of which product you buy, it is extremely important to read the label carefully. Some manufacturers overuse the word “quality”.

Therefore, you should not verbally trust companies.

Remember that you must make sure you use good beard oil. To do this, you can read the reviews of other users, or buy only proven products.

What essential oils can be included?

In cosmetology, different types of oils are used. They may differ in quality, so they have a certain rating system. “Grade A” includes the most expensive and purest oils. This category includes skin’s natural oils that have not been filtered or processed.

Grade B includes essential oils that are recycled. They may contain synthetic materials. Some of them are considered food. There is also a grade C. Such essential oils are used as flavorings.

If you’re looking to get a quality product and don’t want to skimp, choose beard oils that are made with “Grade A” essential oils. They’ll have an attractive scent, treat your skin, and make your beard more attractive.

How does beard oil work?

Once you decide what beard oil does, you can begin to learn how oil works. When compiling the composition, different types of oils are used, including coconut oil, argan oil, sweet almond oil, and jojoba oil. Some options may include castor oil.

These oils contain compounds that promote beard growth on the face.

The composition can include both base and essential oils.

Base oils

Base oils are added in large quantities, and their ratio reaches 90%. The difference between essential oils is that they do not evaporate and have a neutral aroma. At the same time, they are perfectly combined. Almost all carrier oils are made from seeds and nuts.

The most popular carrier oils are:

  • Jojoba. Absorbs well into the skin and leaves no greasy or sticky residue. Promotes beard hairs growth.
  • Argans. Designed to soften the skin. Helps prevent wrinkles, slows down the aging process, and strengthens the hair shaft.
  • Almonds. This beard oil works to reduce inflammation and prevent ingrown hairs from forming.
  • Coconut oil. This oil helps moisturize the skin and prevents flaking. Accelerates hair growth.
  • Hazelnut. The oil is aimed at preventing eczema and inflammation. Therefore, wearing a beard is comfortable.

Essential oils

Due to their content, beard oils have a rich aroma. Some of them prevent the development of the fungus.

Proper use of beard oils

It is better to apply beard oil after a shower. Beard hair and skin must be clean. It is better to take a hot shower, which helps the beard hair and skin absorb the oil better.

Dry your facial hair before applying beard oil.

It is recommended to apply a few drops of beard oil. First, spread the oil between your palms, then begin to run your hands through the beard. First, apply the product on the sides, then on the central part. Lastly, you need to apply oil to the tips of the beard.

To make sure all of the beard hair is coated with oil, go over the top with a beard comb. Thanks to this, the beard oil gets on the skin and moisturizes it. Additionally, this prevents irritation.


When it comes to using beard oil, people face numerous questions.

How often should you use beard oil?

It is recommended to use beard oil twice a day: in the morning and the evening. It is better to wash with hot water before that. You need to apply more oil at night than during the day.

Is it good to use beard oil daily?

Yes, if the manufacturer is known. This indicates that the product has been tested, therefore is safe for your skin. Benefits can be assessed in a few weeks.

Do I really need beard oil?

If facial hair grows well and without the use of oil, it is not necessary to use it. However, remember that beard oil helps make your hair look more attractive.

Why should I use beard oil?

Beard oil helps moisturize and soften hair and hair follicles. It promotes better skin care. It is believed that regular care using beard oil will make your beard thick, manageable, and soft.

Are there any potential drawbacks or precautions to using beard oil?

In rare cases, some individuals might experience skin irritation or allergic reactions to certain ingredients. Always patch test new products and discontinue use if any adverse reactions occur.

Can beard oil prevent beardruff (beard dandruff)?

Yes, beard oil helps prevent beardruff by moisturizing the skin and hair, reducing flakiness and dryness that leads to beardruff.

Is beard oil suitable for all beard types?

Yes, beard oil is beneficial for all beard types, from short, stubbly beards to long, full beards, as it helps maintain moisture and manageability.

Should I consider specific scents or fragrances when choosing beard oil?

Personal preference is key here. Consider scents that you enjoy and that complement your style. Many beard oils offer various scents from subtle to bold.


As you can see, beard oil performs several functions. It helps to make the beard soft, shiny, and well-groomed. The main thing is to use it regularly, and according to all the rules.

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