When does peach fuzz turn into a beard: Q&A

When does peach fuzz turn into a beard? A dark full beard will help make you look more solid, masculine, and expensive. For many men, this problem of facial hair grows like an open wound – they live with it, desperately trying to solve it or accept it. Male pattern baldness is a common problem.

Many teenagers and young boys feel uncomfortable looking at their reflection and watching the peach fuzz beard on their faces. Being the cause of shame and self-doubt, such a phenomenon has a lot of mysteries and nuances.

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Basic types of facial hair

Vellus hair or so-called peach fuzz. Such “pube beard” is the light, fine, and short hairs which grow on the cheeks of people who have not yet been through puberty, or whose hair follicles are not susceptible to changes in hormones and do not change to thick, terminal hairs. It can also be found on the “hairless” parts of the body.

Scientists found that on the cheek the growth of the vellus hair was 0.06 millimeters per day at a density of 416 hairs/cm2. It isn’t connected to the sebaceous gland.

Why does peach fuzz cover our entire body, not just the beard area? Light hair protects our body from harmful environmental factors, such as polluted air or direct sunlight. Vellus hair is also responsible for maintaining body temperature depending on weather conditions.

Terminal hair. The longest and strongest hair on a person’s head. They grow from hair follicles in the scalp and can reach a length of up to 1 m. Terminal hair differs from other hair on the head in its shape, structure, and function. They have a denser row of hair follicles and more melanin, which gives the hair its natural color.

Terminal hair grows much longer than the first.

Intermediate hair. In the first years after birth, vellus hair is transformed into so-called intermediate hairs, which, in turn, during puberty, are replaced by terminal ones. The color of intermediate and terminal hair often does not match.

The presence of three different types of hair is due to different hair follicles. Intermediate hair grows if it is not affected by a hormone such as testosterone. It is worth noting that this property is for both women and men.

Puberty does not affect the growth of these hairs in any way.

Male sexual hair follicles are localized: they can be found on the face, ears, nose, arms, legs, chest, and abdomen. During puberty, a man produces a high level of the androgen hormone, which contributes to the development of these follicles.

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Why do I have a peach fuzz beard?

You have not yet reached puberty age and there is no testosterone in the required amount in your body. This requires that the vellus hair is growing in an ambosexual hair follicle so that it responds to testosterone by thickening, growing longer, and darkening.

The very successful growth and appearance of your beard depend on your genetics and ethnicity. Unfortunately, these are the factors that are most difficult to change in such a situation of getting rid of vellus hairs. So take a look back at your ancestry: did the men have a thick terminal beard? If not, do you see a deterioration in facial hair growth at all, and at which generation exactly?

When does peach fuzz turn into a beard?

What do scientists say about this? The average age of a man who has signs of terminal facial hair on his face is 15 years. 20% of the men surveyed begin this process even earlier – at the age of 13. By the age of 16, 95% of the guys participating in the study had signs of beard growth. So, when does peach fuzz turn into a beard?

In theory, a man needs 3 months to grow a full-fledged thick beard. Terminal beard hair grows about 1 inch (~2,54 cm) per month.

In the normal state of men’s health, terminal beard growth goes through three phases: rapid daily beard growth is gradually replaced by a slower one. And then, imagine, it stops altogether! After 6 years of constant beard wear, it stops growing, only starting to renew old hairs with new ones.

Every teenage guy should know it: puberty does not always mean getting rid of a peach fuzz beard. And this is normal! This process is individual and takes everyone a different amount of time.

But let’s figure out how a young guy can understand that he is going through puberty.

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The features of puberty for boys are as follows:

  1. An increase in testicular volume of more than 4 ml, measured using an orchidometer, is the first sign of puberty.
  2. Terminal hair growth follows testicular enlargement, usually between the ages of 10 and 14.
  3. A sharp increase (jump) in growth with a testicular volume of 12-15 cm is observed after 18 months. The growth spurt in boys is observed later and is more pronounced than in girls, which affects a higher final growth in men compared to women.
  4. Testosterone and DHT (dihydrotestosterone) levels start to rise after 14-15 years. Testosterone is formed in the male testicles. This hormone is responsible for your beard growth. DHT is made from testosterone by an enzyme called 5-alpha reductase. The presence or absence of DHT in the body directly affects the thickness of your beard.

Most young men go through such a hair transformation at the age of 15-16, but it is not uncommon to see this process in a guy in his 20s. So the frames and borders are almost blurred and conditional.

What influences peach fuzz hair to turn into a beard? The androgens, the male hormones testosterone & DHT.

When the hormones bind to the androgen receptor, then DHT and testosterone have entry to the DNA of the cell, and through there, they promote masculinizing effects.

In peach fuzz beards, the follicle is not attached to the sebaceous gland. Androgenic stimulation helps them connect.

Thin hairs will begin to fall out because at the stage of anagen growth, vellus hair is replaced by the terminal one and it begins to grow independently.

You may have disturbing doubts: ‘But if I’m no longer in my 20s, but in my 30s-40s, and I’m still without a beard but with my vellus hairs… When will they turn into a beard? Do I even have any chance?’

Yes, you do! Just keep reading, you will learn a lot of useful information.

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How can I remove my peach fuzz?

If you are confused by the peach fuzz on your face, you can safely shave soft hair off. There’s nothing wrong or dangerous.

It is also recommended to shave your facial hair off if it is growing towards the upper limits of 2 cm.

After shaving, the peach fuzz beard will become a little prickly and sharp to the touch. By mistake, many people begin to rejoice that after shaving the villus hair will start to grow thicker, but this is not in all cases completely unproven.

New peach fuzz hair may appear darker when they reappear on the surface of the skin. But the only thing is that vellus hair has not yet had time to lighten under the influence of solar ultraviolet, and also did not have time to get under the influence of polluted elements of the atmosphere.

There is no evidence that shaving speeds up beard growth. However, people continue to believe in it.

Different ways of removing facial hair:

  1. Shaving;
  2. Sugaring, waxing, and tweezing;
  3. Dermarolling;
  4. Hair removal creams;
  5. Electrolysis and laser hair removal;
  6. Threading;
  7. Bleaching.

Most men prefer shaving and waxing peach fuzz.

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Can I darken my facial hair?

However, no one forbade visual deception and a drop of cunning in your beard growth process! You can make your peach fuzz beard thicker and darker visually while you have light facial hair in reality.

These products will be especially useful for your vellus hair if you want to get a temporary effect for some special occasion.

Also, this section of the article will be helpful to you if you do have not a full beard that is thin and pale but only particularly localized bright places.

The huge variety of such vellus hair products is amazing. Therefore, do not rush to be upset and give up if you can’t grow a terminal beard!

Firstly, we can offer you using hair fibers. The most popular representative in this category is Toppik hair fibers.

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Secondly, there are hair waxes and hair sprays.

Have you heard about beard pens? This trick works on the principle of an ordinary pen or marker. At the same time, it stains not only the hair but also the skin of your face, which only enhances the effect of density. Can you imagine?

An excellent choice that is popular with men is also Grizzly Mountain Beard dye, Cremo No Mix No Mess Hair and Beard Color, Just For Men Mustache & Beard. This is already a real hair dye, not with a temporary but long-lasting effect.

However, do not exclude natural methods and recipes that may well surpass all of the above.

Henna powder and Amla powder are considered particularly effective for peach fuzz problems. It is enough to dilute the purchased powder in warm running water and the healing mixture is ready! It is necessary to keep this substance on a full beard for about 2 hours. It is also interesting that they have a large selection of colors for these powders: from chestnut to red, and so on.

Take into consideration cocoa powder, black tea, coffee, and black walnuts as well. You heard right! Black tea and coffee are full of melanin and keratin which are very important for hair growth. You need to prepare a really strong solution of tea leaves and keep it on your vellus beard hair for at least an hour.

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Let’s grow facial hair

The solution is too simple – to darken the vellus beard hair, let’s try to grow our own and even super thick.

Follow a healthy lifestyle

Our appearance directly depends on our diet and lifestyle. Man’s vellus hairs aren’t any exception.

Proper nutrition is the key to healthy terminal hair.

Proteins are found in meat, poultry, sea and river fish, eggs, various dairy products, and beans. Protein is responsible in the body for the production of keratin.

Calcium can be obtained from dairy products and sea fish. Calcium plays an important role in maintaining hair strength and density.

Retinol, vitamin A is found in carrots, mangoes, and egg yolks. It protects the hair from increased brittleness and dullness and maintains a healthy appearance.

Vitamin C can be found in citrus fruits, rosehip, sorrel, sauerkraut. Vitamin B is found in chicken eggs, legumes, fresh herbs, and red meat.

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But the main focus should be on products that increase testosterone levels:

  • poultry, pork, beef, and fish;
  • olive and peanut butter;
  • nuts and avocados;
  • egg yolks;
  • dairy products;
  • garlic, cinnamon, turmeric, parsley, ginger;
  • broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, cabbage.

Vitamin D and enough water is the first step to increase testosterone production.

Try to add to your nutrition medical testosterone supplements as well. Hair follicles respond to it with rapid hair growth!

Also, do not forget about the harmful effects of poor sleep patterns, bad habits, and stress.

Do everyday beard care routine

Do you think you don’t need to follow a skincare routine? Not at all. Without this excellent result and noticeable improvements in getting terminal hair you will not see.

It is necessary to wash your beard twice a week. It’ll help you to have your hair follicle open. Remember, that cleanliness and hygiene are the keys to success.

Do exfoliating scrubs and face masks once a week. This will remove your dead cells.

Do not neglect beard oil. A moisturizer is also a great option. But remember that by choosing too cheap and economical options, you risk getting a weak delayed result or not getting it at all.

Also, consider combing the beard with a special comb; periodically washing the beard with shampoo; carrying out massage effects.

Many men claim that after these actions, the beard grows faster.

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As for a medical help

This item implies a hair transplant. Hair follicles are extracted and implanted into the transplant area using a special needle. Hair can be removed from any area of the hair.

You will be amazed at the absence of scars, scarring, and side effects, as well as the natural look of the beard.

However, quite often excessive facial hair looks unnatural because of its density. The high cost and risk of infection are also big disadvantages when deciding on a transplant.

Physical therapy is also worth considering:

  • weight work-outs;
  • electrophoresis;
  • phototherapy with the use of special chemicals;
  • cryo-massage;
  • darsonvalization;
  • ozone therapy.
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Frequently asked questions

Will peach fuzz grow into beard?

There can be no exact guarantee that you’ll get rid of your peach fuzz after some time.

Scientists note that beard growth happens during puberty, but first (from the age of 14) every guy has a peach fuzz, and by the end of this period (16-18 years) the hairs should transform into bristles. However, the boundaries are very blurred.

How long does it take for peach fuzz to mature into facial hair?

When does peach fuzz turn into a beard? In some cases, peach fuzz turns into terminal hairs in the period from the age of 15 (puberty). Many men have a thick beard that grows by the age of 20-30. Some still have their peach fuzz while being already middle-aged. It all depends on your genetics, ethnicity, lifestyle, and facial care routine.

How long does it take vellus hair to turn terminal beard?

Some peach fuzz can turn into terminal hair, but this transformation usually occurs on its own, often during puberty or in subsequent years.

Peach fuzz transformation is associated with the production of testosterone in the body. In most cases, your vellus hair will turn into a beard usually after 3-12 months.

Will vellus hair turn into beard?

If there were no mustache owners of thick beards on the male line, likely, it will not work to have rapid facial hair growth.

But other factors, such as iron deficiency anemia, can also negatively affect the growth of terminal hairs. Therefore, the process of beard growth requires a thorough restructuring of the entire lifestyle. And then success is guaranteed to you.

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Final ideas

Before you grow a thick beard, try to set yourself up to think that there are no hopeless situations. Hair regrowth takes a lot of time. Patience and perseverance are the keys to a gorgeous and thick beard. A thicker beard will please you if you follow with all the above conditions for stronger facial hair growth!

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