Wolverine beard style: how to grow and maintain

The iconic mutton chop/ducktail combo of Wolverine is undoubtedly one of the most famous hairstyles in superhero comics, being inspired by the X-Men character played by Australian actor Hugh Jackman. It has grown to be a prominent option for guys seeking a masculine and stylish appearance.

However, how do you get this appearance, and is it suitable for you? We’ll cover everything you need to know about the classic Wolverine beard style in this article.

Below is the complete guide you need, including how to grow your beard, trim, and copy the X-Men character’s unique hairstyle.

wolverine beard style

Hugh Jackman beard and hairstyle

Actor Hugh Jackman portrayed the eponymous character of Wolverine “Logan” in X-Men films, and his hairdo and beard style in that role became an important component of his interpretation of the character.

Wolverine’s characteristic haircut features a scruffy, unkempt look, with long, sharp sideburns and thick, spiky hair on top or a cross between mutton chops and a full beard minus the mustache Depending on the X-Men film you’re viewing.

Equipment and supplies needed

These are the tools you need to grow your beard and get your desired Wolverine style

  • Electric beard trimmer
  • Beard Scissors or Barber shears
  • Beard Comb
  • Shaving foam
  • Beard Balm or Oil

How to achieve the Wolverine beard style

With a clean-shaven neck and cheeks, this style features wide, thick sideburns that reach the chin.

We’ll go over how to grow and maintain a Wolverine beard in this article, along with some tips for making it suit your face type.

Making your beard grow is the first step to having a Wolverine beard. Depending on how quickly your hair grows, this could take from a few weeks to a few months.

Wolverine beard: How to cut it and look like Hugh Jackman?

Trim your beard frequently to prevent patchiness and keep a consistent length as it grows. This is one piece of advice for growing a Hugh Jackman beard.

You might have to wait a little longer to get the required length if you don’t have much facial hair.

Once you have a good amount of hair growth, it’s time to style your beards in the Wolverine look, from your haircut to the Wolverine facial hair.

Wolverine beard styles: how to grow & shape guide

The edges

The cleanly shaven area down the middle of the chin is the distinguishing characteristic of the Wolverine facial hair. Shave the chin hair (2 cm away from the chin’s center of the hair is advisable).

But the look wouldn’t be complete without those sharp sideburns.

The middle chin

Remove a section of hair from the middle of your chin. The Wolverine beard is separated from the skin by a thin strip at the chin.

The sideburns: specificity of the Wolverine style beard

Bring your cheek hair down to your mustache, preferably in a slant or straight line.

This process should be done carefully.

The beard might be faded to add a modern twist.

Shape and trimming

Trim the upper lip to ensure it is low and at the same time not completely bald. The mustache isn’t completely removed as you need the corner mustache hair preserved.

The v shape

Work your way to the edges of your mouth in a V-shape.

The soul patch

The Soul patch, or mouche, which is the small patch of facial hair below the lower lip and above the chin, is optional.

It varies through the desired style. Either you’re going for Logan Howlett, Hugh Jackman, or Wolverine style, or you leave a bushy beard, or even cut your beard completely.

Neaten your beard

To finalize, get rid of all your neck hair and clean up.

Maintaining your hair

Beard maintenance is important to keep your unique look.

You don’t have to trim occasionally if the rough and rugged facial hair style fits you.

Either way, regular maintenance is essential.

Below are some maintaining tips to keep your Wolverine beard in the best shape

Keep your beard hydrated and conditioned: condition it regularly with beard oil. It moisturizes the skin underneath your facial hair to prevent itchiness.

Use it two or three times a week if you have oily skin or hair.

Reduce usage if you detect the oily buildup or your beard gets greasy.

Wash your hair regularly: Your full beard can get really gross if not washed occasionally, crumbs can get stuck in there, especially if you’ve got a thick beard.

Using a strengthening shampoo will prevent any buildup caused by excess oil and stimulate your beard growth.

Trim your neckline: A quick touch-up shave along your neckline with a beard trimmer a few times a week is sure to keep that nice look in check and ensure additional comfort.

Regular combing: Frequent combing of your hair is essential to preserve your look. Using a quality comb is important too, as bad ones might snag your hair.

The mutton chops might be given extra attention or the sideburns.

It depends on your facial hair style and taste.

Minimize touching: Avoid touching your mutton chops to reduce the chances of introducing bacteria to your beard.

Extra tips

Choose the right haircare products: Like Hugh Jackman, you should select special products for your hair and beard.

There are varieties to choose from depending on your beard and hairstyle

Choose the right tools: Use an electric trimmer rather than a manual razor if you have skin sensitivity.

Do not neglect your scalp: A healthy scalp is the foundation for good hair. Your hair will suffer if you have dryness or any other scalp issues.

Getting the right amount of sleep: Getting enough sleep aids in melatonin synthesis, which has been associated with hair growth.

Get condition-specific: After shampooing, conditioning is a crucial step in maintaining healthy, manageable hair.

Apply conditioner evenly throughout, using a comb.

Before rinsing it out, let it sit in your hair for two to three minutes.

Wolverine’s Beard: Will it Suit Me?

Hugh Jackman’s hairstyle evolved slightly over the years, so it is a matter of finding the one that best aligns with your personality and physical appearance.

The classic Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine beard is sure to give you a confident and daring look, though your face shape also has a role to play in determining the perfect beard style.

Wolverine’s hairstyle: Still in vogue?

The Hugh Jackman beard has been fashionable for a long time and will always be in vogue due to its unique and masculine appearance.


What is Wolverine beard style called?

The Wolverine beard style is called the mutton chops beard worn by Hugh Jackman is known for its unique and distinctive shape. It grew into prominence in the 1880s and was popularized by legendary musician Elvis Presley.

Which beard style is more attractive?

Statistics show that women find the stubble beard style or stubble mustache and the medium length beard style to be the most beautiful of all.

Are there any challenges or downsides to maintaining a Wolverine beard style?

Managing a longer beard requires commitment and patience. It may require more maintenance and care compared to shorter beard styles to prevent tangles or dryness.

Can I style a Wolverine beard differently to suit my preferences?

Absolutely! The Wolverine style can be customized, such as adjusting the length or width of the beard, or shaping the moustache differently, to suit personal style.

Can I achieve the Wolverine style if my facial hair is patchy or sparse?

Achieving a full Wolverine beard might be challenging if your facial hair growth is patchy. Patience and regular trimming to maintain the fuller areas can help create a similar style.


Actor Hugh Jackman has proved that just the way your hair and beard choice looks can increase your self-confidence.

Older beard styles with Wolverine sideburns or Wolverine’s beard are a nice combo, but the Wolverine mutton chops are a perfect option to get that masculine and stylish look.

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