To beard or not to beard: Verdi beard styles

According to Charles Darwin, a verdi beard styles might have appeared as the result of sexual selection. Some scientists believe it to sign supremacy and sexual maturity.

What does the research say?

A study conducted by the Journal of Evolutionary Biology (2016) proved that men having facial hair of any sort look more winning than women. In 2020 B. J. Dixson and R. C. Brooks’s research showed that ladies find bearded menfolk more manly and father-fit.

For ages men have worn beards. The latter were of various styles and associated with different norms and social conditions.

As of today, facial hair styles are at a high ebb and one of the most popular is a Verdi beard style.

What’s Verdi beard?

You might connect it to the great Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi and that’s right. The famed musician became renowned thanks to his fabulous operas “La Traviata”, “Rigoletto” and others.

But the fashion world also retains him as a bearer of the nowadays Verdi beard style.

Verdi beard is a full beard characterized by a rounded edge, short sideburns, and a sightly imperial mustache. It is a mustache that distinguishes this facial hair style.

Funny fact

Giuseppe Verdi wore his beard looking more like Garibaldi beard style, his mustache combed to the sides, but who hears the grass grow?

Styles of Verdi beard

Generally, there are two kinds of Verdi beard: short Verdi beard and long Verdi beard.

Short Verdi beard

This Verdi beard style varies from 1 to 4 inches in length. Just let your beard grow naturally. It will take roughly four to six months to grow a Verdi beard before you can shape it as you wish.

You may have a hard time waiting to grow a Verdi beard, but the result is worth it. Seek inspiration in Robert Pattinson and Conor McGregor‘s Verdi styles and imagine how you will turn heads when finally your beard style is figured.

Long Verdi beard

This Verdi beard style reaches 4-6 inches. You need a longer time to make it, up to 9 months or even more.

Experiment with the length, but mind that your lower lip hairs normally won’t exceed 3,9 inches and the neckline should be half-inch above Adam’s apple.

Mustache styles

Normally Verdi beard style implies a curled handlebar mustache extending 0.4 inches or so beyond mouth corners.

But variations occur, some people detach the mustache from the beard, while others do not.

Apart from curling mustache ends one may simply brush them sideways similar to the Garibaldi beard style.

A form and length of a mustache can slightly differ as well as the styling manner.

Styling your Verdi beard with the face shape

Amazing but Verdi beard matches the majority of face shapes. You can adjust your beard style to your face by adding or reducing some volume to it and choosing a desired length.

Thus, oval, triangle, diamond, or heart face shapes will benefit from a rounded full beard as it adds some lacking cubes to them.

Square, oblong and round face shapes will gain from Verdi beard if you trim it more on the sides to hide some unwanted volume.

Additionally, you can play around with the sideburns. Classical Verdi style suggests short sideburns blended into a beard. Some claim that sideburns stand apart from the head hair, while others disagree.

Sometimes patches are used in Verdi beard to stress identity. If you decided on this, carefully sculpt them not to leave large bare strips.

Some tips on styling and caring for a Verdi beard

A man’s face has about thirty thousand beard hairs each growing at its own rate and route. That’s why it is recommended to thoroughly brush your mustache and beard regularly to tame and properly head them. A boar bristle brush helps to make this out.

A beard and mustache comb is essential to detangle your facial hair. A wooden one is good and not skin-aggressive. This works for Verdi beard style.

To determine the lower border of your Verdi beard make a line from the ears toward a point one-half inch above Adam’s apple. If you go lower your beautiful Verdi beard will turn into a neckbeard.

To assist your Verdi beard grow apply beard oil. Along with softening and improving mustache and beard hair, beard oil takes care of your skin if dry or itchy, or has some burrowing hairs. Beard balm may be used instead.

Beard scissors and beard trimmer help keep your Verdi beard style neat and well-groomed.

Scissors are a must-have to cut off stray hairs, trim your Verdi facial hair style to the desired length and give it an even rounded shape.

A beard trimmer is good to maintain the form of your beard and mustache. It is also convenient to apply on the cheeks and spots where you want to trim close to the skin.

A mustache wax will help very well to style your mustache to any shape, i.e. to curl the tips or slightly lift it above the top lip.

Beard wax or pomade is great to attach a hold to your beard style for a long time making it look neat as a pin.

To keep your Verdi beard (or any other beard style) clean and healthy wash it thoroughly every day. Apply beard wash every second day. Also, pat it dry before spreading any beard products.

It’s quite reasonable to turn to a professional beard master when shaping your Verdi style for the first time. Later on, it will be much easier to keep the form.

Other beard styles

Verdi beard is well-liked, but you may pick any other beard style with minor or significant distinctions.

Garibaldi beard

This beard style is similar to Verdi beard. It’s a full rounded beard, but a wider and longer one, up to 7,87 inches, and makes a whole with a mustache.

Ducktail beard

This beard style borrowed its name from the pointed tail of a duck. The chin hairs may be of any length as to your preferences, but the rest of the face is close shaved or cleaned with a beard trimmer.

Ducktail goes well with a goatee if you want to try things out. This beard style is worn with a short mustache, or you can pair it with a more dramatic-style mustache.

Mutton chops

This beard style assumes extended sideburns that grow onto the cheeks and towards the mouth and merge with a mustache. The chin and lower cheeks should be shaved or done with a beard trimmer.


This beard style originates from the same-name animal. A goatee beard is a short flock of hair on the under-the-chin area.

The beard style may be rounded or pointed with a beard trimmer or scissors and normally is as wide as your mouth. A goatee implies no mustache but allows a narrow strip of hairs from the lower lip toward your chin.

The Goatee beard style was extra popular in the 1990-s.

We recommend reading an article about the 23 best beard styles for 2024.


A beard is a perfect way to express your personality, distinguish yourself, and turn heads. A beard or a mustache can help to harmonize your appearance, disguise some inaesthetism and feel more confident.

Verdi beard is a handsome and fashionable style that will look perfect with different face shapes. It claims some effort but looks unique and masculine. If you have chosen to grow a Verdi beard, you will need patience and a set of mustache and beard products for styling.

But be it Verdi beards, mutton chops, Garibaldi beard, or even a beardless style, one should give it proper care and attention to look stylish and charismatic.


How long does it take for a beard to grow?

It may take from two to nine months depending on how quickly your facial hair grows and what beard style you are after. For a short beard style, a couple of months should be enough. If you’ve decided on a long beard it will take four-six months if not more.

What type of beard is most attractive?

This is very much a matter of taste. Some people prefer just stubble or a beardless style. Others like a full beard with a mustache. Plus when choosing your beard style mind individual differences and what suits you more. But whatever your preferences are, always keep your beard clean and neat – this is positively much more attractive than otherwise.

What is a Viking beard?

It’s a full big and heavy beard covering a considerable part of the face. This beard style comes back to the 8th – 11th centuries when Scandinavian warriors wore their beard naturally and burly. Today’s fashion has brightened this up a bit, so you take good care of your facial hair grooming and combing it and putting it into a desired shape.
Bearded historical facts
Vikings’ bushy beards played an important role: they protected faces from freezing cold and wind.
The longest beard in history belonged to Hans Nilson Langseth. When he died at the age of 81 his beard was 5,33 m long.

What is a French fork beard?

Remember Captain Jack Sparrow from the “Pirates of the Caribbean”? This is a notable example of the French fork. To put it short, a French fork is a full beard by some means divided into two parts at the chin level.

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