Extended goatee: a style for the cool guys

Facial hair has been trendy for a while, with a great variety of beard styles. From a lumberjack beard to weekend stubble, from a circle beard to a soul patch. Our passion nowadays is a goatee, an extended goatee, to be accurate. We are fascinated by how it turns an ordinary man into a sexy pirate. Read our article and check it out — maybe that’s the look you should go for.

When men originally started growing facial hair, they probably did it to avoid the pain of regular shaving. Then they found out that they can make it look cool and sexy. Unfortunately, at that point, they already knew that growing facial hair requires no less regular maintenance than a clean-shaven chin and cheeks.

There are countless styles of beard. Everyone can find the best one for them, but we love an extended goatee beard. A classic goatee is gorgeous too, but there is something irresistible in the slight naughtiness of the extended goatee, an implied confidence of the guy wearing it.

We’ve prepared for you a complete guide to the world of the goatee style. Everything you need to know. Hopefully, you’ll find it useful and maybe even get fascinated with the goatee beard style, as we already are.

Extended goatee: laid-back chic

As you’ve probably guessed, an extended goatee is a facial hair style that developed from the classic goatee and got some additional features. And the major addition is a jawline extended with facial hair. In the extended goatee beard, the mustache and the beard are usually connected, too.

Later in the article, we’ll tell you about Hollywood celebrities who pull off a sexy pirate image with this beard style effortlessly.

Who can rock an extended goatee? Face shape considerations

If you want to wear facial hair and rock it, you can do it. But before choosing among countless beard styles, check our guide and find the best beard style for your face shape.

Round face

If you have a round face, you’ll want it to look longer and slimmer, making the cheeks not as obvious, but the chin — more prominent. For that, you need to create long angular lines with facial hair.

A classic goatee will be an excellent solution. But you have other options too, like a soul patch, a long goatee, or a landing strip. You can also go for such a beard style as an anchor beard or a Norse skipper.

Oval face

You have a ‘perfect’ face, which means that most goatee beard styles and other beard styles will look good on you because of the harmonious proportions of your face.

Our recommendations are an extended goatee, a Van Dyke beard, an anchor beard, a disconnected goatee, or a classic goatee.

Square face

With a square face, your jaw, cheekbones, and forehead form an almost straight line. You will want to make it look a little longer. The jawline in such a case will be even more impressive. The goatee styles that can help with that are a chin puff, a Balbo beard, a petite goatee, or a classic goatee.

Triangular face

If you have a triangular face, your goal is to make the chin look wider, because it’s the narrowest part of the face. So you need to balance it with your wide forehead, and the following goatee styles may help: a soul patch, a low chin goatee, or a Van Dyke goatee.

Diamond shape

This is a shape when your cheekbones are the widest part of the face. Some goatee styles can help balance your face and make your jawline look wider and the cheeks — narrower. You can try a chin puff, a full goatee, or a Balbo beard.

Goatees are not the same

If it’s hard for you to make a decision, especially if you’re used to having a clean shave, and facial hair grow is a big deal for you, we suggest going to a good barber and asking for their advice. They will assess your face shape in a second and come up with a solution.

But we still recommend looking at different goatee styles and finding the one you like.

Then the professional will tell you if you can pull it off.

Below you can find the most popular styles of goatees.

Goatees on trend

Classic goatee

A classic goatee is a well-known elegant style of facial hair. The hair grows only on the chin and the soul patch area. There is no mustache. Guys usually wear a traditional goatee short – 0.5-1.0 inch. It is stylish and never boring.

Extended goatee

An extended goatee is longer than a traditional goatee with an extended jawline. This extended beard is usually paired with a mustache, which creates an elegant ensemble.

Long goatee

It’s almost the same style as an extended goatee, but with longer hair on the chin. The mustache is usually longer, too. But it doesn’t look wild, it’s trimmed and tidy.

Low chin goatee

This goatee style has the hair trimmed halfway to the chin. It’s like a fusion of a goatee and stubble. It is a rugged and sexy look.

Petite goatee

A petite goatee is smaller. It covers a modest part of the chin. This option works great for guys who have problems growing an even beard. If the chin hair grows in patches, a petite goatee can be a brilliant solution.

Stubble goatee

This goatee style will also give you a darker, rugged vibe. With a stubble goatee, you don’t shave the skin outside the goatee outline. You keep the stubble there, but don’t let it grow too long. The goatee should be recognized.

Disconnected goatee

With this goatee style, the name speaks for itself. The chin beard here is not connected to the mustache. This style is more conservative, but it looks very chic when well-maintained.

Balbo beard

Balbo was an aide and Marshall of Mussolini, and the goatee style was named after him. He wore his beard with a thin line of hair from the jaw to the lower lip. The neck should be clean and shaven.

Thin goatee

A thin goatee and a traditional goatee are two very similar beard styles, the main difference being the length of the hair. In a thin goatee, the hair has the length of stubble — extremely short. But it looks cool.

Square goatee

In this goatee style, the upper lip hair is connected to the chin hair. The mustache forms vertical lines on both sides of the mouth.

Chin puff

With the chin puff style, the chin is shaved except for a small tuft of hair below the chin. If shaving the chin is not an option, a little stubble is acceptable, too.

Soul patch

This goatee style is very popular now. The face can be clean-shaven or have some stubble. There is one small patch of hair below the bottom lip. It’s cool but doesn’t interfere with a formal style.

Make your goatee shine

There is a misconception that wearing a beard lightens the burden of shaving every day. It doesn’t. Any beard, including an extended goatee, takes an effort to look good. It should be trimmed and cleaned regularly.

But it’s not hard. It can easily become a habit and a part of the daily hygiene routine.

Instruments and products

Let’s begin with the tools that you’ll need to take care of your extended goatee.

  1. You’ll need a beard trimmer. A shaving razor will do too.
  2. It will be a great idea to invest in barber shears.
  3. Buy a special beard brush and a comb for the mustache.
  4. Like any hair, your extended goatee needs nourishment. Acquire special balm and oil for facial hair.

Grooming extended goatee

  1. Grow it. Before shaping your extended goatee style, you need to grow it. Facial hair grows at a different speed for different guys. It can take a week or up to a month. A chance to test your commitment.Your chin hair and mustache should have a considerable length, so you have enough hair for an extended goatee style. The hair under the chin should also grow because it will be a part of the style.
  2. Wash and dry it. Before you shape up your beard style, don’t forget to wash and dry the beard. When it’s completely dry, you can start shaping.
  3. Outline it. Now you need to create the shape of the extended goatee. Arm yourself with a beard trimmer (or a razor) and outline the shape you want by shaving all the surrounding hair. If you go for an extended goatee, leave more chin hair at its lower part.If you don’t want to look ‘too polished’, you can always grow some stubble later for a more rugged look.Shave the neck starting 1 inch above Adam’s apple and create the desired shape. Be careful, as any uneven outline will spoil the entire picture.
  4. Trim it if needed. Choose the desired length of the extended goatee style you want. Then trim the excess hair. Some guys prefer their extended goatee of the same length. Others like to keep it longer above the upper lip or have a chin strap. But no stray hairs.

The good thing is that you can try out different lengths and come to the one that works for you and is flattering for your face.

Trending Hollywood facial hair style

Whatever we say, we sometimes look at those in Hollywood Hills and check their choices in fashion, hairstyles, colors, etc.

Maybe that will look good on me as well. And it’s absolutely fine. We use all the available resources to look our best.

We found out that quite a lot of Hollywood celebrities grow an extended goatee to look sexy and chic. They do it even though there is a special Hollywoodian beard style.

Among those spotted with an extended goatee style are John Travolta, Charlie Hunnam, Leonardo DiCaprio, Christian Bale, Brad Pitt, and George Clooney.

Of course, actors change their facial hair styles (or lack thereof) all the time, but these guys wore an extended goatee and rocked it too.

Frequently asked questions

What is an extended goatee?

It’s a traditional goatee with the hair ‘extended’ to the jawline. The mustache and the beard are usually connected.

Do goatees ever look good?

Goatees can look cool. As proof, check out such big celebrities as Charlie Hunnam or John Travolta who wear them at times. And for those guys, their face is the instrument of their craft.

What face shape suits a goatee?

A goatee generally elongates the face, so the best shapes for a goatee are round and oval faces. With a thin and long face, a goatee can create an imbalance of facial features by elongating the jawline even more.

And finally…

Good things usually withstand the test of time. An extended goatee style goes back to the adventurous times of the pirates and musketeers.

And now it is trending again, after hundreds of years. Maybe our reckless and courageous ancestors knew what they were doing, and we could learn something from them or at least copy their style.

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