Hello everyone, my name is Matthew Jenkins. If you have visited my page, then you are a beard lover or plan to grow it. I note that the beard is the individuality of every man. I can say for myself that I have been wearing a beard since I was 22. I can’t even imagine my life without facial hair. I can even say that I no longer remember how I looked without a beard.

Believe me, I know the features of growing a beard better than anyone else. In my blog, I want to share with you practical and effective methods that will help you grow a beard in a short time. I have been working as a barber in a barbershop for 12 years. Therefore, I know exactly what types and lengths of beards will be appropriate for a particular face shape and occasion.

In my blog, I will also analyze the secrets that allow you to cut your beard efficiently and efficiently as if you were an experienced barber. We will also consider the features of caring for facial hair so that it always looks well-groomed and stylish.

I can say with confidence that my wife and children have never seen me without a beard at all. Except in the photographs, which are also not many. All my advice that I will write on the blog, I first discuss with more experienced colleagues. If you are looking for your style, you can feel free to write to me, and I will be happy to help with the choice.

If you have any questions regarding beard care or choosing the length and shape depending on the shape of your face and status, you can safely write in the comments. I will gladly answer all questions. If you have beard tips or clarifications to my posts, you can also write. I will note that I am good at constructive criticism.