A short Amish beard: what is it and how can you grow this beard?

Recently, a short Amish beard has been especially popular. The classic version of such a beard implies the absence of a mustache above the upper lip, which distinguishes the Amish from other people. More details about the features of traditional Amish beards will be discussed in this article.

short amish beard

Where did the Amish beard come from?

Short Amish beards were seen for the first time in the Amish group.

Amish-inspired facial hair is one of the Christian brotherhoods that belong to the church. This group prefers to lead a simple life and does not accept the innovations of the modern world.

The men preferred to wear a beard without a mustache. This is because the mustache symbolizes war. Given that the Amish are pacifists by nature, they tend to ignore authority and avoid violence and vanity.

When the British military came to America and occupied it, they had mustaches. The Amish group was also targeted by the military.

That is why they always tried to remove their mustaches so as not to look like angry people.

It is believed that the Amish beard is completely associated with the observance of the commandments that are written in the Bible.

Men believed that the beard helped them communicate with God.

Due to the constant development of customs, today this type of beard is more associated with marital status. Amish men do not have traditional wedding rings. Instead, they have a beard that they have not shaved off since the day they got married.

Features of the Classic Amish Beard

As already mentioned, a distinctive feature of such a beard is the absence of a mustache. For Amish men, a beard is a real pride.

Therefore, they refuse the mustache, which can ruin everything. There are several other distinguishing features of the Amish beard, including:

  • the need for daily mustache trimming;
  • observance of the optimal length, as well as regular combing of the beard;
  • the need to trim the shape;
  • no restrictions on the length of the beard. Here everyone is guided by their preferences;
  • the need for regular oiling of the beard to keep the facial hair shiny.

However, the hallmark of the Amish beard is its unbridled length. This is because men honor ancient traditions, and try to take into account the pace of modern life.

Therefore, there are no restrictions on the shade of the beard. However, it is better to opt for calm and neutral tones.

It is illegal to dye an Amish beard. Even if in old age the beard begins to turn gray, the presence of silver pigment is very helpful.

If you’re willing to give up your mustache without even being part of the Amish fraternity, you can safely start growing such a beard.

The Amish beard implies the absence of a mustache. However, if necessary, you can leave them.

Many interesting beard design options will allow you to stand out from the crowd.

Gorgeous beard for Amish men

Thick and graceful facial hair looks beautiful and stylish. However, it needs to be constantly looked after and visit barber shops.

Often dapper Amish beard is preferred by professionals.

Farmer’s for Amish men

Some Amish men like this beard option.

It helps to blend in with modern farmers.

There is no need to care for such facial hair. You don’t even have to cut your beard to look stylish.

Mustache combo

This look is appropriate for those who like the Amish beard, however, there is no desire to give up the mustache. In this case, the image looks traditional and updated.

Pointed beard style for Amish men

It is appropriate to dwell on a pointed beard. The haircut is carried out so that the edge has a pointed shape.

Thanks to this, you can look stylish by combining modernity and a traditional Amish beard.

Traditional Amish beard

If you prefer a more traditional Amish beard, then feel free to follow this trend. To do a traditional Amish beard, shave off the mustache so that the beard grows freely.

Hipster style for Amish men

Amish beard style is considered universal. Therefore, you can create an Amish-inspired hipster beard if you wish. To do this, you need to take care of the beard and clean it thoroughly.

Having a waxed mustache

If you don’t mind leaving a mustache and want to look more stylish, you can wax your mustache.

The essence of this option is that the edges of the mustache are abundantly smeared with wax, which forms a stylish look. This is the best option for various ceremonial exits when you need to look 100%.

Small stubble

Light stubble looks beautiful on the face, which frames the face. You can choose the shape of the beard yourself. This is the best solution for those who do not want to constantly look after a long Amish beard.

Tight cut

This is the best solution for those who love the Amish beard, however, do not like long beards. The downside is that you have to cut your beard regularly.

Otherwise, it does not look very aesthetically pleasing. This is the best option for those with sparse facial hair.

Thickness and fluffiness

A thick and fluffy beard looks beautiful on men. However, the mustache has to be abandoned. Let the bushy Amish beard style grow to its natural length and thickness.

Why should you grow such a beard?

If you visually like the look of a lumberjack beard, then the Amish beard style is the best option for you.

The main advantages of the Amish beard style include several parameters, which will be discussed below.

Ability to wear a thick beard

If you are the owner of thick facial hair, then the Amish beard is the best option for you. It looks very stylish and emphasizes the status of its owner.

A display of masculinity

Considering that the Amish beard implies a lush and thick facial hair style, you can demonstrate your masculinity to others. It also allows you to show your modesty, which will attract women.

Communication with the world

As already mentioned, the Amish are distinguished by their love of the world and are considered true pacifists.

If you want to show others your courageous and warlike character, you can stop at the version with a mustache.

If you want to show everyone around you that you care about the world, and prefer to resolve conflicts with talk rather than action, you should stop at a beard without a mustache.

This is the best solution for businessmen who have to regularly conduct business negotiations.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantages of the Amish beard include:

  • Versatility. Such a beard is appropriate for everyone, regardless of the shape of the head or the shape of the face;
  • Easy of cutting, which ensures rapid growth and additional density;
  • Easy of beard care;
  • Low operating costs.

Of the minuses, it should be noted that the Amish beard is appropriate for people who work in the office. After all, it is more classic and strict.

How to grow an Amish beard

You don’t have to be a great pro to have the beard grow. The principle of growing consists of several stages, which will be discussed later.

Beard cleaning

You need to wash your beard regularly. Make sure that debris does not accumulate in it if you prefer longer options. Prefer using warm water.

Oiling the beard

To keep the traditional Amish beard soft to the touch and prevent irritation on the skin, it is recommended to regularly lubricate the beard with a special organic beard oil.

It is best to do this immediately after bathing. You need to apply some beard oil. One pea is enough. Then rub it into your facial hair and also into your skin.

Mustache shaving

If you’ve settled on the classic Amish beard, you should shave your mustache regularly. All stubble that forms under the nose must be removed.

Otherwise, you end up with a different style. You can lightly go over the area with a razor every morning to make it easier for yourself.

Using a quality comb

To grow your Amish beard better, try to use a quality comb. This keeps the Amish beard clean all the time. Try to comb your Amish-style beard every day.

Haircut rules

Often people think about the fact that you should shorten the length of your facial hair a little. This must be done correctly, otherwise, you risk looking sloppy.

You can grow a beard of any length, depending on your preferences. The main thing is to cut it daily using a trimmer.

This allows all the hairs to be the same size.

Trimming a beard is pretty easy. It’s more difficult the first time because you need to decide on the contour and shape. After work will be much easier. Serious haircuts are not required. More details about all stages will be discussed below.

Application of warm water

Before you start cutting, you should rinse it. This removes contaminants.


After you should use the comb, and comb the beard. This allows it to become more even.

Start cutting

You can work with a disposable machine or a razor. If you already have a finished contour, trim the hairs that have begun to stand out from the general heap. Keep in mind that the circuit will need to be maintained regularly.

You can go to a barbershop for the first time to have an experienced beard shaping your beard.

Then you can keep it in the right condition yourself.

How to trim

Trimming a short Amish beard requires precision and attention to detail to maintain its neat and polished appearance. In this section, we will guide you through the process, ensuring that you achieve the desired look without compromising the beard’s natural charm.

Gather the Right Tools

Before you begin, make sure you have the necessary tools on hand. A good quality beard trimmer, sharp scissors, a comb, and a mirror are essential. Additionally, having some beard oil or balm can help soften the beard and make the trimming process smoother.

Wash and Dry Your Beard

Start by washing your beard with a mild beard shampoo to remove any dirt or debris. Pat it dry gently with a clean towel. A slightly damp beard is easier to trim and style.

Comb and Detangle

Using a beard comb, gently comb through your beard to detangle any knots or snags. This step will help you see the natural lines and contours of your beard, making it easier to trim evenly.

Define the Neckline

The neckline is a crucial aspect of a well-groomed Amish beard. Using the edge of your beard trimmer or a straight-edged tool, define a clean neckline just above your Adam’s apple. Make sure the line is straight and symmetrical on both sides.

Trim the Sides

With your beard trimmer set to the desired length, carefully trim the sides of your beard. Follow the natural contour of your face, moving the trimmer in an upward motion. Be cautious not to cut too much at once; you can always trim more if needed.

Shape the Mustache

For a short Amish beard, a neatly trimmed mustache is essential. Comb your mustache hair downward and, using scissors, trim any overhanging hairs that extend past your lip line. Ensure the mustache is even on both sides for a balanced look.

Check for Symmetry

Take a step back and assess your beard from different angles in the mirror. Check for symmetry and make any necessary adjustments to ensure both sides are even and well-proportioned.

Apply Beard Oil or Balm

Image source: www.stryx.com

To add a finishing touch, apply a small amount of beard oil or balm to keep your beard soft, moisturized, and well-conditioned. Massage it gently into your beard to enhance its natural shine.


When it comes to the Amish beard, numerous questions can arise.

What does the length of the Amish bear mean?

The Amish man is modest and shows it to everyone around them. Therefore, they do not wear jewelry, and wedding rings too. Alternatively, married men stop shaving their beards. By this, they show that they are in demand and that they are the head of the family.

The Amish beard symbolizes that a man will remain faithful to his wife and children, as well as to religion.

What are Amish bears called?

The Amish beard style is often called the Shenandoah. Some masters call it Donegal, Lincoln, or whaling style. You can call it differently if you come to the barbershop. Masters understand exactly what is at stake.

What happens if you are Amish and can’t grow a beard?

Only those men who are married are engaged in beard grow. If a man does not have a beard, then he is lonely.

However, today, given the realities of our time, Amish man is not tied to such a rule. Therefore, you can meet young guys who walk with traditional Amish beards. And married men don’t have to wear Amish beards.

How long does it typically take to grow a short Amish beard from scratch?

The time required to grow a short Amish beard varies from person to person. On average, it may take several weeks to a few months to achieve the desired length, depending on your hair growth rate. Regular grooming and trimming are essential to maintain the style as it grows.

Can I grow a short Amish beard if I have patchy facial hair?

If you have patchy facial hair, achieving a consistent and full short Amish beard might be challenging. However, some individuals choose to embrace the natural growth pattern, allowing the beard to fill in the available areas. Regular trimming can help create a neater appearance.


As you can see, the Amish beard style is not something terrible or ancient. Amish beard is a very modern version of facial hair that looks stylish. The main thing is to choose the optimal shape and length of the facial hair style so that the image looks aesthetically pleasing. Remember the need to care for Amish beard.

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