Useful information about 1mm beard: styles and techniques 

Facial hair has long ceased to be just an attribute of a man’s face and has become a real element of a fashionable image that emphasizes a person’s masculinity.

That is why beard hair growth has become as delicate a process as the length of ordinary hair on the head, since it depends on the length of the beard and whether it suits you or not.

One option for people who like a beard but aren’t sure if it suits them is a reasonably short beard, a 1mm beard.

In this article, we will look at how to properly care for a 1mm beard style, what are the benefits of this beard and what other beard styles, like the longer beard, might suit you.

Time for 1 mm beard length growth

Facial hair, like regular hair, needs time to reach the desired length. Most often, men can use special creams that have a good effect on the skin and help develop hair growth in good condition, but this does not always really helpful.

The time of beard growth depends directly on the length you want to get and how exactly you care for it. For example, a long beard will grow faster and look better if you regularly cut it with an experienced barber and also use special products.

However, unlike long beards, 1mm hair growth is a process in which you can’t just ignore the beard, on the contrary, catch the moment when the hairs are ideally short.

It usually takes you a day or two to grow a 1mm beard. However, to get a smooth and beautiful beard with a length of 1 mm, you first need to grow 3mm, which will take you four days. These numbers are not definitive, since all people have their skin and hair characteristics, so it’s best to track this process yourself.

Is a beard trimmer for facial hair choice important?

Choosing a facial hair trimmer is a very significant process, especially if you prefer to take care of the beard length yourself and not use the services of barbers. Many users believe that you can buy any trimmer without fear that it will not suit your beard, but this is completely wrong.

If you select the wrong and low-quality trimmer, the first thing that can cause discomfort is skin irritation. Of course, skincare products, such as anti-inflammatory lotion, also affect this, but if you use the trimmer incorrectly and pick up a device whose sharp parts are made of poor quality or dirty, you risk ruining the skin.

Also, if you select the wrong trimmer for your beard hair growth, you can worsen the quality of the hair and the direction in which it will grow, because of which you will have to spend money on barber services to fix a damaged beard.

And finally, with a low-quality beard trimmer, you will not be able to properly maintain the growth of beard hair, which is especially important for a 1mm beard, since this length needs a very neat and careful haircut so as not to damage the skin and the same time keep the beard short.

What trimmer do you need for a 1 mm length?

If we have already started talking about trimmers, it is very essential to understand which trimmer is best for those people who want to have a beard length of no more than one millimeter. You need to choose a trimmer based on the fact that for a short beard, you need to feel confident and also have a tool that does the job neatly.

One example is the Philips Norelco beard trimmer, as you not only get very handy attachments, but also a lot of features that can help you take full control of the beard-trimming process.

A wide range of attachments is a significant thing that should not be underestimated when choosing a trimmer. You must have several nozzles, at least from 0.5 mm to 5 mm.

The beard will not only be on your chin but will also cover the area of ​​the cheekbones, cheeks, and possibly the mustache, which is why a different number of nozzles will help you not only cut all the hair on the lower part of the face up to 1 millimeter but also make yourself a harmonious haircut.

You will control where to leave a couple of millimeters, where, on the contrary, remove and highlight the corners or just good parts of your face.

Advantages of 1 mm beard

To understand exactly whether you need a 1 mm beard trim, it is important for you to understand what benefits you are getting.

Below, you can see the list of perks of wearing 1mm facial hair.

Face shape

Firstly, because this beard length is quite short, your facial features, as if from contouring with makeup, are emphasized.

At the same time, on the contrary, if you have self-doubt associated with large cheeks, a beard can also help you hide your flaw.

This beard emphasizes perfectly the cheek line and cheekbone line.

Beard grooming products

Secondly, these beard-length grooming products are optional.

Long beards, like head hair, without special products like shampoos or even masks, can look unkempt and ruin the look of your face.

With a 1mm short beard, all you have to do is make sure it doesn’t grow too much, which you can do yourself with a trimmer or barbershop. Also, you can use special products, like a moisturizer, but not as often as with other longer beards.


Thirdly, a huge plus of the beard length, which does not exceed one millimeter, is the fact that you can go with it to almost any type of work since such a length is considered permissible.

A long beard can be unsafe, especially when working with people, for example, if you are a waiter or a cook, you can leave traces of the beard in the dish. If you are a doctor, a beard can also be a huge hindrance.

In general, many companies see a long beard as the way out of the business dress code, so a beard that is less than 1 millimeter is ideal.

How to style and maintain a 1 mm beard length?

To be satisfied with the good condition of your 1 mm facial hairstyle for as long as possible, you need to be able to properly care for it.

Below, you can find tips to help you properly handle a beard length that does not exceed 1 millimeter.

3 mm first

To start with, you need to have 3mm beard growth, to begin with, to get a 1mm beard later on.

This is necessary so that you can make the perfect lines and borders of your beard with a haircut.

Also, it will be difficult for you to immediately grow a beard from scratch by 1 millimeter with a good appearance since you cannot control how thick and in what direction facial hair will grow


It is very important to keep an eye on the condition of your 1mm beard, especially around the corners, as unlike a long beard, a short beard has very clear borders, and unevenness, which will be very visible.

That is why going to the barbershop regularly is a good advantage, as a professional can cut your beard in a way that emphasizes your cheek line and still creates an even border effect.

However, you can also do it yourself, if you get a quality trimmer, as mentioned earlier, and practice a lot, after a while you will be able to accurately trim the borders of your beard.


It is very significant that the skin with a 1mm beard is always moisturized, for this, you can use special beard oils.

Beard oils after every beard trim will help you avoid skin irritation.

However, you must choose the right beard oil and other moisturizers for your skin, check that the components do not cause you an allergic reaction to the areas of your hand, apply a small drop and see after a few hours.

If you experience irritation, itching, or even pain when using, contact a specialist who will help you select the right product.

1mm beard style

To be content with a 1mm beard under varying conditions and never tire of that length, you need to understand how you can style it.

Below you can see different styles of beards of this length.

Circle beard

The first “stack” you can make with a 1mm beard is circle bread.

In this option, you have hair most often only on part of the chin and mustache, as well as a beard can surround the mouth.

This type of beard cut is suitable even for very short hairs, as it looks quite neat.

Classic short stubble beard

The second beard type is the short stubble beard. It is ideal for short beards, as this style was originally intended for short hair.

A short beard is located on the line of the cheekbones, chin, and mustache as well. To keep the beauty of this shortbread style, you just need to straighten the edges so that you have neat hair.

This option is also good for those people who are just starting to grow a beard since although the stubble beard length is not large at first, with time and growth, trimming the borders will allow you to grow longer beard hair.


The last style you can use for your 1mm bread is the chinstrap, which is most often connected to the temporal region.

This type of beard is ideal for short hairs since you are creating a line passing from the temples to the chin.

It is also possible to have a mustache with such a haircut. This cut completely opens the cheeks and at the same time creates an additional outline of the cheekbones.

This option is ideal for those who have very expressive jaw angles, and those who want to emphasize them a little more with a beard.

Choose the perfect style of beard with different lengths for you

If suddenly you doubt that you wish to have 1mm facial hair, you can check out other types of haircuts.

Below you can see different hair shafts and choose exactly the desired length that suits you best.

Stubble beard

The first type is facial hair, which is short stubble hair. Most frequently, this type of beard starts from 0.5 millimeters to 4 millimeters. This category also includes a 1-millimeter beard.

This beard is often referred to as just a stubble beard and with the right edging, a short stubble beard can perfectly define your face. There are a huge number of types of stubble beards, such as patchy stubble length.

Style and maintenance

To care for a short stubble beard, you will need a hair trimmer from 1 to 3 millimeters and also skin care products. You need to trim the length of your facial hair twice a week and also use a skincare routine so as not to spoil the facial condition.

This treatment is suitable for all types of stubble, such as patchy stubble length, since you only need to maintain the length of the hair and take care of the skin.

Short beards

The second popular type of facial hair is the short beard style, which is similar to stubble, but the hairs are still longer. Most often, this type of beard is suitable for those people who do not like stubble, but due to their profession or personal preferences, they cannot afford to grow a beard too much.

Short beard length usually does not exceed a couple of centimeters and is perfect for those people who have uniform hair growth all over the face. Unfortunately, if you have gaps in hair growth, a short beard, unlike stubble, will immediately emphasize everything.

Style and maintenance

To care for a short beard, you need to have a trimmer with nozzles from three to five millimeters, oil for the beard, and scissors for a neat haircut.

A short beard should have very even edges, which is why you need to shorten the hairs hanging over the upper lip and also standing out too much from the chin. Moreover, you have to learn how to monitor the condition of the skin under your beard so that there is no redness or flaking on it. A good way to care for the hairs themselves is beard oil.

Medium-length beard

The third popular facial hair style is the medium-length beard. Such a beard is considered a classic among the rest and is ideal for those people who are used to grooming and walking with a thick beard.

The most difficult process for medium-length beards is just growing them, as this will require a huge amount of care products.

Also, growing an average beard is a complex process that also depends on your genetics. It’s hard to tell how long it will take to grow out since this beard has the same growth process as the hair on your head. However, with good hair condition and even growth, a medium beard can be an excellent addition to your face.

Medium-length beard

Style and maintenance

For a medium beard, unlike the previous two styles, you will need products like head hair, shampoo, conditioner, and a mask if the hair is too dry. Also, you will need to use a trimmer and use the services of a barbershop.

If you want to always have a clear and beautiful beard shape, you can also purchase a special beard and mustache styling wax.


How long is a 1mm beard?

1mm beards are fairly short hairs, also known as “short stubble” and can feel more like stubble than a beard when touched.

What is a good mm for a beard?

It all depends on you. If you do not want to spend money on a huge amount of grooming products, or if you have a rather strict boss, short beards from 1 to 3 millimeters are more suitable for you. However, if you want to stand out due to the beard, then it is better to choose, of course, from 4 millimeters.

How long does it take to grow a 3mm beard?

Each person has different skin characteristics, which is why it is difficult to really and accurately say how long it will take to grow a beard of about 3 millimeters, but it usually takes 4 days on average.

How short is a 3mm beard?

3 mm is already the length of the beard, which has not completely ceased to be a stubble, but on the other hand, on the face, with a good design of the edges, it will already look like a short kind of beard.


Different beard lengths are divided specifically so that you can select exactly the beard that best suits your face type. It is also very important to pay attention to how to properly care for different beard hair growth and keep them presentable.

We hope that after reading this article, you will have a much better understanding of how to take care of your 1mm beard and what are the benefits of a 1mm beard. Moreover, now you know what other beard lengths are and how to care for each type of beard length.

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