Why do you need to have a 7mm beard? The best guide

Growing a beard can be a big commitment, but the results can be well worth it. A well-groomed beard can add a sense of maturity and sophistication to any man’s appearance.

It may seem odd to write about beard length, but it shouldn’t come as a surprise that guys all over the world give their beards a lot of attention. Guys favor this length of beard for a reason, which is why I’m going to talk to you in particular about the 7mm beard.

But did you know that there are also several benefits to growing a 7mm beard? This 7mm beard length is considered an average between short beards and long beards, and it’s easy to maintain but still provides good coverage for the face.

Throughout the whole article, I, as a beard enthusiast, will look at the details of growing a beard 7 mm long and how it can improve your appearance and overall well-being.

Different beard lengths

Before we start, let’s talk about beard styles. People often have three beard styles: long, short, and medium beard.

First, we will talk personally about short and long beard styles. Then we will pay all our attention to the middle beard.

Short beard

Let’s talk about a short beard, as the headline suggests. Anything shorter than 5mm will be considered a short beard. As long as you keep a close shave, you shouldn’t have to worry about the overall length.

A beard with short hair is ideal for people who are pressed for time and require little maintenance beyond the occasional trim.

Although technically considered to be a separate classification from this beard style, stubble can be categorized as a part of them. The easiest length to aim for is probably stubble because all you have to do is trim and shave it occasionally.


It is reasonable to assume that this would be anything larger than 10mm. Since there is a greater likelihood that the long hairs will become tangled and unruly throughout the day, it requires quite a bit of maintenance and grooming.

Longer beards can also easily catch food and other objects, which is unpleasant to think about. You can anticipate having to spend time grooming the long facial hair that comes with a longer beard every morning.

What is a 7mm beard length?

A beard is a big deal in the man world. Whether or not it’s worthwhile to have and take care of your beard depends significantly on how much effort you want to put into it. And if you’re here to learn everything there is to know about a 7mm beard, you’re about to learn a lot about how to grow one, keep it that length, and maintain its appearance.

It may seem obscure to write about the beard, but it shouldn’t be surprising that men worldwide give their beards much attention. I will talk to you specifically about the 7mm beard.

Why precisely 7mm beard length?

A middle beard is a beard that is 7mm in length.

You can search for it by asking your barber. He will answer that 7mm beard length is the golden middle.

It is generally longer and fuller than a beard with short length but not as long and unruly as a long one.

The 7mm beard benefits include the ability to shape and style it, giving the wearer a more refined look.

Additionally, it is often easier to keep clean and groomed than longer beards, making it an ideal choice for those who want to maintain a neat appearance.

The 7mm beard can have a profound effect on its shape and overall appearance. A complete and voluminous beard looks much fuller than a closely trimmed and short beard. Additionally, beards that are longer tend to have a gentler curve, while those that are short tend to be sharply curved.

What does a 7mm beard look like?

The thickness of the beard varies as well because the beard length of 7mm is a little longer than other beard lengths.

For a natural 7 mm beard, the beard has an intermediate status between the type of stubble and an adult physique.

They are longer than short beards and require care. Compared to short beards, you must comb them regularly and trim them to have their exact length.

They are long enough to need shaping and combing but not long enough to make facial hair look wild and crazy.

The feel of a 7mm beard is also softer in texture. How does stubble feel rough on the hands and face? This length of beard won’t feel that way because it’s past that “stubble” stage.

In short, a 7mm beard has a relaxed look, making everyone know that you’re trying to grow and maintain your beard.

How much time does it take?

It usually takes 14 days. The magical 10-day milestone is traditionally used to indicate 5mm of growth. Fourteen days for 7mm is, therefore, a relatively secure bet.

Of course, the rate of beard growth varies from man to man. It could take longer, or it could take less time for you.

In addition, you’ll likely see hairs in your beard that are of different lengths. Some are more lengthy than others. It’s one of the reasons beard hair, if not well trimmed, tends to protrude.

However, if you reduce it to 7mm, make sure you go longer than this length first. If you plan to do this, grow it for a few weeks, to be specific. This way, you can be sure that you have enough hair to cut.

What causes beard growth?

What determines the rate of facial hair growth? We tried to figure out and give you a complete answer, which factors affect the development of your beard length.

A combination of hormones and genetics causes beard growth. Testosterone plays a significant role in facial hair growth. Men with higher testosterone levels tend to have thicker, more pronounced beards.

However, the ability to grow beard hair depends on genetic factors.

Some men may have a genetic predisposition for thicker, more luxurious facial hair.

Additionally, age also plays a role in beard hair growth, as men typically experience the most significant beard growth during their teenage years and early twenties.

How can I accelerate the growth of my beard hair?

If you are dissatisfied with the rate at which your beard usually grows, then do not worry. There are some ways that you can try to speed up the process.

The first thing you can do is massage your face and keep it hydrated. This helps stimulate your follicles so that they will grow faster. This does not guarantee that your beard will grow faster. But these are fundamental steps that can help.

What are the advantages of having a 7mm beard length?

The beard has been a popular grooming tool for men for centuries, and for a good reason. A well-groomed beard can give the appearance of any man a sense of maturity and sophistication. But did you know there are also several advantages to growing a 7mm beard?

Sun protection

A 7 mm beard can provide natural protection for your face from the sun’s harmful UV rays. If we compare a man without a beard with a man with a beard, then the jaw part receives direct sun rays, which can have consequences. From this point of view, a beard can help prevent sunburn and reduce the risk of skin cancer.

Improved skin health

Beard regrowth can help moisturize and exfoliate the skin, which can improve the overall condition of the face. A 7 mm beard can also help reduce the appearance of pimples and other defects at the beginning itself.

Increased confidence

A well-groomed beard can make a man feel more confident and attractive. The beard is associated with brutality and masculinity. This can lead to increased self-esteem and a more positive attitude toward life.

With this beard, you can try new looks. For example, wear a jacket and coat. This changes the idea not only about yourself but also that your environment has a different idea about you.


Growing a 7mm beard can be a cost-effective alternative to regular shaving.

You do not need to shave all time, and it does not require

With a bit of maintenance, a beard can last for months, saving you money on razors, shaving cream, and other grooming products.

It goes well with almost all face shapes

The 7mm beard style has been popular among men because it works well with almost all face shapes.

It doesn’t create any sharp edges or add any volume but gives a more stylized & serious look.

Moreover, unlike other facial hair styles that might not be suitable for all faces, this style is safe for most people to try.

Opportunities for experimentation

This is the ideal medium if you want to try a new look. A 7mm beard is the perfect length if you need to know how many mm of beard length you want. It does not too short or too long. It would help you to choose a short beard or a longer beard.

It feels softer than the bristles

How many mm should a beard be so that you feel a complimentary touch when you touch it?

7 mm is not so small that the hair’s edges seem sharp on your loved ones’ fingers. As the length of the hair increases, the edges tend to round off.

This is because you get an increase in split ends and breakage, which can feel sharp to the touch.

How to grow a beard 7 mm long and take care of it?

Finally, let’s move to the last question: What do you need to get an ideal 7mm beard length? I divided this process into small steps to bring it up quickly.

Let it grows

To get a 7mm beard, first, you need to have a beard with long hair or at least the same length as a medium-length beard.

Let it grows up for some time.

If we imagine that you have recently removed a full beard and that you are without it, then it takes two weeks for men to grow a beard of 7 mm on average.

But, it may take more time because each person has a different growth rate. Other areas, such as facial and side hair, can have different lengths to be noticeable.

So wait a little longer to ensure your beard has grown enough. Three weeks would be enough.

Trim your beard with a beard trimmer

After it grows, you can start shaping your beard.

Shaving your beard with a beard trimmer with 7 mm protection would be best.

Thanks to this, you trim longer sections of your beard and will have the same length and also remove stray hairs.

Shave everything below the cheek line

Then you can start forming it. All you have to do is keep the lines clean for a 7mm beard.

As a result, shave or trim your hair above the cheek line. No matter what equipment you use. It can be both a razor and a beard trimmer. Shaving with a beard trimmer takes less time than with a razor.

Shave along an imaginary line that runs from the top of your sideburns to where your mustache joins your beard to create the cheek lines.

It would be best if you shaved below an imaginary line you drew two fingers above your Adam’s apple to form the neckline.

Use beard oil

After shaving, you notice that your beard does not hide irritation. Beard oil would be beneficial in this case.

Do not hesitate to purchase beard oil. It’s worth the price.

The skin and hair below are nourished by beard oil. And it smells beautiful. Even on stubble, I advise using beard oil.

Moisturize and smooth the face well. Agitated, furious, or flaky-looking skin can be seen at 7mm beard. It gets rid of all that.

Use a thin, oil-free moisturizer regularly, but especially right after shaving neck hair because that’s when it’s mostly soft.

Grooming tips

Comb your beard regularly

Some people may say that this is optional.

But, there is a benefit to this.

If you comb your beard regularly, it tends to take a certain position in which it will stay. With it, you teach your beard to lie down properly.

Use products on beard hairs

The hair on the beard is capricious. Only sometimes take the form of the style you want. Beard oil can help with this. It not only moisturizes but also helps eliminate irritation and swelling. It’s stupid not to use beard oil worths the money, and you are grateful for this decision.

Trim it regularly

For the remaining beard hair to continue growing, you need to trim your beard. And if you’re concerned that trimming your hair will make it grow out even shorter, you won’t be shaving off nearly enough facial hair to noticeably alter the overall appearance.

If you shave your beard with a beard trimmer with appropriate protection, it will cut to a certain length. This is the advantage of beard trimmers.

To remove those “dead ends” and allow your beard to grow healthily and effectively, you physically need to trim the hair on your face just a little bit.


What mm is a good beard length?

A good beard length can vary depending on personal preference and facial structure.

Some men prefer a shorter, well-groomed beard, while others prefer a longer, more natural look.

A length of around 4mm can be a good starting point for a beard with a short length, while a size of approximately 7mm can be a good starting point for a middle beard. Ultimately, the best beard length is the one you feel most comfortable and confident wearing.

What is the most attractive beard length?

Every man asked a fascinating question standing in front of a mirror.

There are various reasons men wear beards and facial hair, one of which is that they want to be more attractive.

Short stubble is thought to be the most attractive beard length, followed by a clean-shaven appearance.

How long does it take to grow a 6mm beard?

On average, it takes from 10 to 14 days. Because to grow a 5 mm beard, you need at least ten days, while to get a 7 mm beard, you need to wait 14 days.

But because everyone grows at a different rate, it can take longer. Other places, such the sideburns, and facial hair may have hair that is of noticeably varying lengths.

How long is a 10mm beard?

It is much longer compared to a 7mm beard. It belongs long beard style. You need to take care properly so that it looks clean and neat.

It hides your jaw. Regardless of whether you have lighter or heavy stubble, it will be insignificant.


Make sure you’re prepared for the commitment required to maintain and groom a beard of this length as a final note on the 7mm beard. Although it’s a reasonably popular and attractive cut for men, getting it to look that way takes your time and effort.

Try it out if you need more time. You’re not bound indefinitely to one style or cut of beard, which is a good thing. Suppose you enjoy the length and the upkeep, great. Keep going and do what you do.

If you don’t, shave it off and start over to find your ideal beard length.

There you have it, then. There is nothing more a man could want to know about this brief but significant topic.

This article has given you a more thorough understanding of what to anticipate with it. It’s straightforward, svelte, and capable of being incredibly stylish, but it might only be for some.

Try it out and judge for yourself if you have any lingering doubts.

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If you have visited my page, then you are a beard lover or plan to grow it. I have been working as a barber in a barbershop for 12 years. Therefore, I know exactly what types and lengths of beards will be appropriate for a particular face shape and occasion.

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