What is beard butter? Guide to a gorgeous beard

A man with a beard is no longer associated with a scraggly caveman. The beard has become an attribute of a confident, classy guy who knows how to present himself and always looks put together.

And the market has reacted by creating various products that help the man care about his facial hair. Among a whole variety of beard products, we are focusing today on beard butter.

Magnificent beards that we see on the faces of world celebrities don’t just grow wildly and style themselves. They require regular care and maintenance. And a stereotype that men with facial hair are just lazy and don’t want to shave has proven so wrong because the time and effort taken on beard care are really significant.

Beard treatment products provide great help to achieve beautiful results faster and more efficiently. They even make the beard care routine enjoyable. One such product is beard butter.

So, what is beard butter? Let’s find out.

what is beard butter

Beard butter. A great way to pamper your beard

Butters are widely used in skincare. They are creamy in texture and nourishing. Beard product manufacturers customized various natural kinds of butter for beard grooming and conditioning. And created highly effective products. Beard butter moisturizes and nourishes facial hair at the same time working as a conditioner. It makes the styling process much easier.

Maintaining facial hair and the skin beneath is the major application of beard butter. The main active components of beard butters are unsurprisingly natural butter. They stimulate beard growth, help avoid beard dandruff, and have an anti-inflammatory effect. Beard butter is basically a firewall protecting the beard hair from the aggressive environment.

Due to its healthy, natural ingredients, beard butter has an anti-aging effect as well.

Besides natural butter, beard butter contains some carrier oils that enhance the effect. Some producers add essential oils too for a mild scent. But it’s optional. If you don’t want your facial hair to have any fragrance, you can opt for beard butter without essential oils.

Deeper dive

For most of us, it’s important to know what exactly we apply to our faces. That’s why let’s dive deeper into the ingredients of beard butter.

As we’ve already mentioned, the major ingredient is natural butter, with oils as carriers of this ingredient.

Bear butter can contain the following:

  • Shea butter for anti-inflammation and anti-aging effects. Shea butter also provides great nourishment
  • Mango butter for hydrating and smoothing the skin underneath facial hair. It’s also an excellent hair conditioner
  • Cocoa butter for retaining moisture and improving the elasticity of the skin underneath the beard
  • Castor oil for a healthy, hydrated complexion and hair growth stimulation
  • Argan oil for a boost of vitamin E and vitamin A, responsible for the healthy shine of hair and skin
  • Jojoba oil for its fantastic protective qualities, including anti-microbial barrier and environmental damage minimization
  • Almond oil for hydration and hair growth promotion
  • Grapeseed oil to smooth the skin. Grapeseed oil also has an anti-aging effect
  • Peppermint oil for antimicrobial effect. It’s very powerful in preventing itching and skin dryness
  • Apricot oil for skin softness and radiance
  • Eucalyptus oil for antimicrobial and antifungal effects. It also stimulates hair follicles, thus promoting hair growth

We hope we succeeded in answering the question: what is beard butter?

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Various products on offer

Beard butter is one of several beard care items on the market. Below, you’ll get acquainted with other options you can choose from. Then you’ll decide whether to select just beard butter or indulge yourself by investing in the whole range of grooming goods.

Beard balm

Beard balm and beard butter are very similar compared to other beard treatment items. It also contains butter and oils such as beard butter, but the ratio is completely different.

Beard butter comprises natural butter, for example, Shea butter. Natural oils carry the butter, and essential oils are added for a light aroma. The content of beard balm is in large part beeswax.

Beeswax can be a minor component of beard butter, although many brands don’t include it at all.

So, beard balm contains a significant amount of a major styling agent, whereas 80% of beard butter is natural butter. But you can do softer styling with it if you go for a neat, more natural look.

It provides a mild hold, tames frizzy hair, and maintains an overall groomed look. Due to a considerable amount of beeswax, beard balm ensures a very strong hold. Styling is its main function.

The conclusion is: beard balm as well as beard butter is highly efficient in facial hair care. But their performance is different. Beard balm primarily serves as a styling agent, whereas butter is a balanced combination of styling and grooming.

Beard oil

Beard oil consists of essential oils. Natural oils are amazing for treating hair and skin. They stimulate hair follicles and enable healthy growth. Hydration and retaining moisture do wonders for the skin. Regular beard oil application will result in healthy skin and a shining beard.

Beard oil can contain a wide range of essential oils, and their effect will vary depending on the type. But all beard oils are effective tools to keep the beard healthy and stimulate beard growth.

Unlike beard butter, beard oils aren’t suitable for styling. Their sole purpose is conditioning and maintaining healthy hair and skin.

The conclusion is: beard oil is an exquisite product. It’s very efficient for beard treatment. But if you need your beard to look neat, go for something else, like beard butter or beard balm. Beard oil has another purpose.

For the best result, use both beard butter and beard oil. You require those oils, and beard butter comprises less of them than beard oil, while their effect is great. That’s why, don’t substitute one for another, take advantage of both.

Beard wax

Beard wax is a slightly different product because it’s mostly used for styling. It has a very strong hold, and if you have an intricate style of beard like Van Dyke, you’ll need this hold. Other products probably won’t work.

By the way, this wax can be used as mustache wax if your style so requires it.

Wax, however, has almost no conditioning properties. For maintaining a healthy beard, beard butter, beard balm, or beard oil are critical.

The conclusion is: beard wax is an excellent styling product, but use additional care products for facial hair and skin to keep them healthy.

Beard butter. Only pros, no cons

Now you know what is beard butter. You’ve also seen other beard care and styling products available for you. It’s time to tell you about the merits of beard butter in detail.

What will you gain by using it?

  1. Beard butter will smooth and soften your skin. Dry skin is a common problem, especially for those of us living in big cities. Effective ingredients in the butter will hydrate the skin and keep it moisturized until the next application. Such components as cocoa butter or almond oil will make sure of that.
  2. Beard butter will improve your hair. This excellent moisturizer doesn’t only work on the skin, but on the hair as well. The result will be healthy, shining hair, which is softer and easier to style. From now on, frizzy hair won’t bother you.
  3. Beard butter will make you forget about beard dandruff. Dry skin causes another common problem. Regular butter application and its moisturizing effect will reduce and even stop dead skin flakes from appearing.
  4. Beard butter stimulates hair growth. Applying beard butter and thus such components as castor or jojoba oil is an excellent way to grow facial hair. Some folks struggle with patchy beards or slow growth. Beard butter is a good solution.
  5. Beard butter will provide a two-in-one solution. It works as a mild conditioner and will help you style the beard. An amazing product for facial hair.
  6. Beard butter has an anti-inflammatory effect. If your skin beneath the beard gets itchy and irritated, use the butter regularly. Such ingredients as jojoba, peppermint, or eucalyptus oil have highly effective protection and antimicrobial qualities. They will prevent possible damage caused by external factors.

Step-by-step application manual for the beard butter

It’s time for practice. And here we have two major questions to answer. Let’s do it.

How often do I treat my beard with beard butter?

A legitimate question indeed. No less than once a day will be the right answer.

But use your instinct, and if you have a feeling that your beard or skin can use some additional hydration or glamorous glow, don’t hesitate to apply more beard butter.

What’s the right way to use beard butter?

Here are your steps.

  1. Wash and wipe. Wash and condition your beard with special products designed for facial hair (of course, it’s not necessary, but preferable). Don’t wipe the hair completely dry. Keep it mildly damp. That will stimulate penetration of the beard butter active ingredients.
  2. Scoop and melt. Take a dollop of beard butter and melt it between the fingers for an easier application. The exact amount of beard butter can vary depending on how long and thick your beard is. Usually, for a full but not long beard, a dime-sized amount is enough.But you’ll have to try it out yourself. You’ll feel if you applied too much beard butter because the beard will feel oily. While, if you haven’t applied enough, the beard and skin underneath will be too dry.
  3. Rub and massage. Rake through the beard with your fingers covered in the product and massage it, distributing butter evenly on the hair and skin. Cover the hair from the roots to the ends. Don’t miss any parts, make rubbing motions in all directions – along the hair growth line and counter it.
  4. Style and shine. Take a beard comb and style your hair the way you like. Be careful, and don’t pull the hair forcefully. The pores are still open, so be gentle.

To recap

Now you know what is beard butter — it’s an excellent combination of beard care and styling. Its natural components provide essential care for the beard and help keep it healthy and classy. But that’s not all.

Gentle styling and a polished look — this is what you can accomplish with this high-quality item.

Softer, healthier hair makes it easier to appear chic and sleek.

There’s one more perk (optional, though) — the gentle aroma provided by natural oil ingredients.

Now you are equipped with the essential knowledge about beard butter and have a chance to take full advantage of this excellent product.

Frequently asked questions

How often should you use beard butter?

Daily is a general recommendation. But sometimes you can get the feeling that your beard and the skin are dry. In such a case, don’t be afraid to apply the product twice a day. The amount of product depends on the length of the beard. But mind that the beard shouldn’t look or feel oily.

When should I use beard butter vs oil?

Actually, we recommend using both. They are both amazing for beard care. Why both? Because their components are not the same. Use beard butter and take advantage of the butters and use beard oil for its natural oils. But keep in mind that styling applies only to beard butter.

Do you wash out beard butter?

There’s no need to do that. Prolonging the exposure, you increase the effect of the active components of the beard butter. Beard butter sustains the healthy condition of the beard and ensures a polished look. Just avoid using too much beard butter, or your beard will get oily.

What is difference between beard balm and beard butter?

These two products are very similar. But not completely, For beard balms, their primary application is styling, whereas for beard butter, it’s first used for grooming and only then as a styling tool.

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