Brown hairs in black beard: causes and solutions

Are you questioning why your black beard turning brown? If yes, then you are not solitary. There are a lot of potential causes for this fact, including genetics, and milieu elements. In this article, we will concern with a few potential causes of brown hairs in black beard.

Black beard turns brown

A black beard slowly turns brown over time – this is a completely natural process.

So don’t worry. You can be sure that this is not your problem. It’s light to bother you that there might be something amiss with your brown hairs, but a lot of guys with black beards undergo this color alteration!

And we can tell you why this happens because there is a scientific reason behind this phenomenon!

The first item you ought to learn to comprehend why this occurs is that your brown hairs color is defined by the quantity of melanin your body produces.

You may have heard of melanin when people talked about skin color, as it is also responsible for this!

Melanin is a kind of pigment that is produced by the amino acid tyrosine. There is a gene named the melanocortin receptor.

This is accountable for deciding how considerably melanin you have and why you conclude up with a particular skin color and brown hair color.

There are three different basic types of melanin, and the type you have, along with the amount, gives you a unique coloration.

The grade of pigmentation defines the bloom of your brown hairs. Melanin is a pigment produced by the amino acid tyrosine. The quantity and kind of melanin made by melanocytes differentiate light hair colors.

Melanocortin 1 receptor (MC1R) is the gene that defines your hair color. It is located on the veneer of melanocytes as well as further cells and is interested in people’s immune processes.


Eumelanin is responsible for deep hair color. Humans with light hair and pale skin fail this kind of melanin, resulting in a lack of color.

Black is the most familiar hair color because MC1R busily makes black eumelanin.

Eumelanin provides different hues of black and brown hair. Blond hair is driven by a shortage of black eumelanin and a slight quantity of brown eumelanin present.


This is the melanin responsible for staining the pinkish portions of your body. If this melanin is similar in amount to the grade of brown eumelanin, then you get red!


On the further side, the colors of neurons are regulated by neuromelanin. It has nix to do with how something seems to be dyed. But it is located in dopamine neurons, and it may dye some locations.

Beard hair color genetics

Your genetics largely defines the color of your facial hair. The quantity of melanin in your body may make concern the color of your skin and hair. For instance, if your dad and mom have black hair, odds are right that you will too. Your race also recreates a massive role in your hair color.


Because humans in Africa and Asia rule to have below grades of tyrosinase in their bodies, black is the most ordinary hair blossom you spot about.

Hair bows black as a consequence of the secretion of black eumelanin, meaning MC1R activism.

Brown beard

Brown beard people’s hair arrives in considerable hues, including brown mahogany, brown oak, brown ebony, etc.

The existence of an allele, a concrete change of a gene located at a precise place on a chromosome, is liable for the various hues of brown.

Blonde beard hair

The cause human has blonde hair is not that they have a specific kind of melanin in their organism. This is truthfully conditioned to the absence of brown melanin.

Generally, in European nations, you may discover many humans with native blonde hair and a grizzled beard.


Red hair color is quite occasional everywhere in the world. Northern Europe, particularly Ireland and Great Britain, are their house. The recessive gene forces red hair color.

The red color is through by a sequence of mutations in the MC1R gene, a tribute to which much pheomelanin is carried to the red hair. It too leads to pale skin.

To learn more about why your beard is red, even if your hair isn’t, check out this post here.

What to do if your black hair turning brown?

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If you’re not happy with your black hair turning brown, there are a few actions you may bring to create it shadier likewise. So, to have a shadier, and thicker beard, you may attempt the ensuing.

Minimize the time you expose it to sunlight

If you can’t dodge sunlight because of your work, at the smallest you may obtain shadow from time to time.

Avoid using aggressive shampoos or conditioners

Harsh shampoos and conditioners can damage beard hair over time. Use sulfate-free hair products.

Use beard oil daily

Of course, just like dampening your hair, greasing your beard shows it a shadier countenance. You may also fund in a beard-darkening oil. And in any circumstance, suggest buying high-quality oil.

Trim the split ends of your beard

The shaggy swirl at the ends of the beard that seems lighter than the remainder of the beard is named split ends. Nevertheless, if you discover split ends, you must cope with them as shortly as potential with the use of certain beard shears. Trim slightly lower where the split is visual.

Avoid whitening your beard with toothpaste

Yes, some whitening kinds of toothpaste may contain bleaching agents that can lighten scalp hair. However, because the results are unpredictable, it’s important to be careful and only apply whitening toothpaste to the areas you want to lighten.

Avoid whitening your beard with toothpaste, use gentle soap and warm water.

Visit a doctor

Visit a dermatologist for a skilled belief on what’s heading on with your beard. If your beard discoloration is occurring at an unnerving speed, a disease can be the main reason.

Color your beard

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Of course, if you’re severe regarding dimming your beard, it’s finest to dye it. I recommend to buy a high-quality production such as ingrained henna beard coloring. You can think of reaching it done by a barber and then practicing at home.

Use styling products with UV protection

To safeguard your beard from the damaging effects of UV rays, incorporate styling products that offer UV protection into your grooming routine. These specialized products not only keep your beard well-styled but also provide an additional layer of defense against sun-induced damage. By choosing grooming products with UV protection, you ensure both the health and aesthetic appeal of your beard in varying environmental conditions.


Why is there a brown hair in my black beard?

The most common cause of brown facial hair on a black beard is too much sun exposure. UV rays essentially whiten the beard. In addition to sun exposure, your genes can also influence what happens. Perhaps you have a gene that just recently started to work and change the color of your facial hair.

Why are some of my beard hairs brown?

Black hair is made up of the highest concentration of melanin, which gives it its color. On the other hand, brown hair has a lower concentration of melanin, so it is less likely to be black.

Why do I have red hairs in my black beard?

If you have red or brown hair in your beard, this can be due to several reasons. One reason is that you have a genetic mutation that causes this coloration.
Another reason is that you are experiencing a temporary hair color change due to stress or other factors. Finally, it’s also possible that you’re just experiencing normal variation in your hair color.

Why do I have orange strands in my beard?

This is because it has a mutated version of the MC1R gene.

Can stress or lifestyle factors cause brown hairs to appear in a black beard?

Yes, stress and lifestyle factors can potentially affect the color of beard hairs. High-stress levels may impact hormonal balance, leading to changes in pigmentation. Ensuring a healthy lifestyle, including proper nutrition, can positively influence beard hair color.

Should I be concerned about uneven beard color, or is it a common occurrence?

Uneven beard color, including the presence of brown hairs in a black beard, is a common and natural occurrence. It adds character to the beard and is not typically a cause for concern. Embracing the uniqueness of your beard can enhance its overall aesthetic appeal.

Final thoughts

If you spend a lot of time outdoors, then the reason why your beard turning brown is mainly due to excessive sun exposure. On the other hand, if you are indoors most of the time, the cause may be more genetic.

Whatever the reason, once your beard turning brown, there is no going back. Either dye your beard black again or you can embrace it and wear a two-tone beard.

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